Friday, June 29, 2012

M4A3's by CrazyYank

Wait... that's not right...
That's better!
Hey all, please welcome our newest player and newest poster CrazyYank! He's our second American player and will be rolling with armored rifles out of BB&G to start off. Today, he's kindly sent over his first ever batch of painted 15mm mini's! A set of 5 M4A3's from Plastic Soldier Company. I've known CrazyYank for a good long time, he's a great modeler, fun to play with and a straight up good painter.

Thank god he sent these over I'm on the road for the next two weeks so I'll be relying on my ever growing team of painters and players to keep the blog lively.

I'm looking forward to our bat reps and more painted content. Welcome to the team Crazy!

Also, very soon, I'll be asking you all for content as well!

Of course that's classified and now I'll have to shoot you.


  1. Nothin' better then a wall of olive drab!

    Great paint,

  2. They look really good.

    Well done.

    ...and I prefer the first poster!

  3. Crazy Yank - Just one question! You're not a enthusiast of Patton, are you? I know that he gave poor old Monty - Montgommery - a right royal headhache! I've a funny instinct that you could be..!

    Still, I agree - welcome to the operation sealion, Give Rommel a brainache, or two!

    Stephen Farthing - Bristol