Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Throck of War Charity Tournament


From: Allied HQ
TO: Interested Parties
Contact: Throckmorton,
Classified: TOP SECRET

1: All commanders in theater are requested to join in tactical operations at station Eagle and Empire on August 18th, 2012.
  • Eagle and Empire is located at:
    • Belle View Shopping Center. 1520 Belle View Boulevard, Alexandria Va.  

2: Marshaling will begin at 10am and combat will proceed at 11:00 sharp.

  • All players will be required to pay an entrance fee of $10. 
  • All entrance fees will be donated to Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
  • Donations above $10 for LLS are accepted, will gain you brownie points but not actual points. 

3: You will be engaged in three rounds of combat against enemy generals. The following rules of engagement will be required. 

  • The First 16 Generals to respond to this communique will be allowed to play
  • You will field a late war army of no more than 1750 points
  • You may take this army from any book or online supplement that has been V3 approved. 
    • Devil's Charge will be allowed. 
  • Your army will be painted to at least a 3 color minimum. 
  • You will be engaged based on the following order of precedence:
    • First Round: Red Vs. Blue
      • Unless there is an army imbalance, in which case Red Star/White Star or German on German combat can be expected. 
    • Second Round: Red Vs. Blue Power Pairing based on victory points. We will do our best to pair red vs. blue. If not: 
      • Red Star/White Star or German on German combat can be expected. 
    • Third Round: Power Pairing based on previous two round's victory point totals. 
  • There will be one round of Fair Fight, Defensive and Mobile Mission.
  • All missions will be fought on a 5x5 table. Deployment conversions will be provided on game day.  
  • All missions will last 2 hours.
    • If no winner can be determined in that time your game will be scored as a Time Out Draw (See below) and each player will be awarded 2 victory points for the purpose of ranking. 
  • Pioneer Supply Vehicles 
    • Obstacles available from pioneer supply vehicles must be placed at the beginning of the game before objectives are placed.  
4: Winning, 'cause some one got to. 
  • Best General will be determined first by record then victory points as a tie breaker.  
  • Best General, Top Sportsman, Top Painted Army and Best Overall will all receive prize support (TBD)
  • Players will rate each other on Sportsmanship and quality of Painting in each army they face. Top point getter from each category will be rewarded. 
  • Top over all point getter will be named Best Overall and will drink from the Keg of Glory(TM) 
  • Painting and Sportsmanship will be judged on a scale of 1 to 5. 
  • For purposes of Best Overall wins & losses will be scored as:
    • 5 Points for a Stunning Victory
    • 4 Points for a Major Victory
    • 3 Points for a Minor Victory
    • 2 Points for a Time Out Draw
    • 1 Point for a Loss. 
5: In order to sign up, or if you have any questions please email

6: This is our first ever tournament, thus we will listen to the wisdom of experienced players and change tournament rules if they are not in keeping with general expectations of the FoW playing public. However, No changes to the tournament rules will be made after August 1. 

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