Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Battlefront 8.8's, Winter War Style

Hey all, today I bring you another installment of show and tell. I'm on the road in sunny, humid South Carolina so I thought it might be good to show you all some wintery German 8.8's from Battlefront. This is the 8.8 FlaK36 set with the extra crew option (not shown here). I decided not to paint the crew in winter whites as, from what I understand, they were not issued the same winter gear as the front line grenadiers.

I've found out since then that the shells would be different colors depending on the type of ammunition. So, yeah, historical accuracy be damned. I find that I really liked the set and you can build it so that you can still elevate the gun. I was however given a bit of a mispack I think as one of the crew was repeated a few too many times. All in all, a good solid cast with a wicked sweet base and very intuitive to put together. 

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