Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Behind German Lines, Shortly after the Battle in Bucks...

Fun with grenades. 
(Hey all, Von Jager, a forum denizen over at the Flames of War forum wrote up an after action story for the battle Loon and I had over Becks this weekend. I thought it was so good I asked his permission to repost it here and he said yes! Many thanks for the great story, you told me you're honored to have it posted here, well, we're a new blog and we're honored to have inspired you into writing a story off what we posted. Many thanks for your creativity. And now to the story)

With the battle lost, Hauptsturmfurher von Throck made his way to the village and the Batallion Hauptquartiers; the village alive with news of the left flank wide open after von Throcks loss in the attack, now starts to pull out with all haste. As von Throck enters the village he notices laying beside the road next to the HQ a body; looking closely at the crumpled figure on the roadside he notices that its the body of the Unterscharfurher who commanded the ill-fated Panther platoon that quit the field so quickly...He had been shot in the head. 

As he approached the HQ, he noticed a black Mercedes, and before he starts to enter the HQ the car door opens and a tall blonde officer wearing the uniform of an Obersturmbannfurher of the SD's Reich Security Service steps out of the black car; "Herr von Throck?, You need to come with me" he says 

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"Im just returning from the front, Herr Oberststurnmbannfurher, I need to make my report to my commanding officer" von Throck said.

"That wont be necessary, your commanding officer has been notified of the results of your last engagement; there are some people in Berlin that wish to speak to you about that engagement" the officer replied. 

"May I at least clean up before leaving?" von Throck asked.

"That too will not be necessary, you will be given ample opportunity to clean up later,as well as account for your actions today before the enemy" 

Eying the body of the Unterscharfurher on the ground not ten paces from where he stood, von Throck understood only too well the situation; the ride to Berlin would be a long one, if in fact they were going to Berlin at all; it may be the shortest ride to Germany ever taken. 

Suddenly shell's from British 25 pounders screamed down on the village, and as men scattered, von Throck included, he noticed the lifeless body of the SD officer next to the wreck of the Mercedes. Dashing inside the HQ building , SS Brigadefurher Max Wunche looked up from the map table, unaffected with the bombing. 

"Ahh von Throck, so you ran into Tommy Commando's eh?" 

" Yes Herr Brigadefurher, that is why that SD officer was here to see me off to Berlin" von Throck yelled over the din of the shelling. 

" Yes, well I know about that rubbish, as soon as this bombing is over I'll straighten that out with Berlin and that officer...I cant afford to spare any officers here at the front, even ones that under estimate the stubborness of British Commnado's" 

"The SD officer is dead Im afraid" von Throck Replied. 

" ach, another tot fur der Furher und Rrich eh?...a Hero's death no doubt it will be reported" Wunche replied. 

Suddenly a SS Scharfurher walked in and saluted the general in a military salute; the salute returned Wunche said"von Throck, meet your new Panther Commander" 

The SS Scarfurher again saluted, this time to von Throck. " Herr SturmBannfurher, SS Scharfurher Barkmann at your service" the tank commander replied. 

"This one wont let you do stupid stuff with his Panthers" Wunche said, "Now be off you two we have a date with Monty, he doesn't like to be kept waiting."

Both von Throck and Barkmann smiled and saluted and amid a hail of 25pdr shells, they set off to find Obersturmfurher Wittmann..von Throck lives to fight another day.

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  1. Hmm! The likes of this 'Loon' ! Crazy deluded and misguided and dangerous! This is certainly not an easy campaign! Von Throck and Barkmann underestimate the likes of the British.. We may know the general geography, but many are experts in poaching in civilian life, prior to the war. Be wary kameraden! The British don't give up, easilly!