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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Round 3, win!

OP  Sherman makes the winning kill against a jadgtiger on turn 6! That was epic. (check the last picture)

Well we did it. We went 3 and 0, last round was fighting withdrawal work is on the attack and captured the 2 outside objectives both on turn 6.

We won 4-3 as Ben  couldn't seem to keep his poor little Stuarts alive vs. a jadgtiger and 4 Pak 50's.

They were running a jadgtiger and 2 sturmtigers and a mix of fearless and reluctant infantry.

Attackers must be aggressive in this scenario so we charged right up and the game went our way.

Best part is we played two really great guys Jessie and the dude who makes all the terrain for the store we love up in Philly. Well and gentlemanly played good sirs.

I don't think 14.9 will put us at the top of the table but it was a fun tourney and I'll let you all know how we did.

Round 2, win!

5-2 versus Rota and extremely heavy Tankovy. In part our dice rolled extremely hot and we got to defend,  but that was one of the worst possible match ups we could have faced.

That was a tense game from start to finish with some epic sweeping movements and clutch saves.

Ben played well and I followed his lead,  to victory!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Giant stupid Hold Until Relieved Fight

This July 4th a few friends and I got together and do a reprise of one of those huge battles, like we did last year with overlord.

This time around we went with 4,000 points or so a side. We Germans are running 21. Panzer Div and Panzer Lehr while the Allies, joining up in this scenario to try to break through German Defenses where Omaha and Gold beaches meet, will be running a 1st ID Assault Company and a British Rifle company.

The Allies took a whopping 36 guns, which I think might be all of the guns, including full on Naval Gun support with rerolling hits and all that goodness. It hurt, it hurt real bad. Read on to check out what happened!

We ran hold until relieved, where they get everything and I get half my stuff in reserves. We had limited time to play so we went fast, but I did get some good snaps. Just like the previous report I decided to go with the action instead of the play by play. So here we go.

German Deployment

British Deployment, SO MANY DUDES

I mean... It's just a lot of guys. I fear

For some reason they decided to put all their reccee in the center (and that is indeed bocage)
 More after the break!

Assault on Sword Beach

Couple of quick bat reps for you today.

First up, an assault on Sword Beach where British Commando's seek to link up with glider and para troops operating around the Orne river area.

I'm running a 1780 point festungskompanie and Ben is running a 1780 beaches commando list.

Much thanks to our local FLGS for helping out with terrain. Sadly, we had no thing to work as a beach so we just went with blue felt. It's a little jerry rigged but it'll do.

This was a 9 turn fight. Long and bloody, instead of going blow by blow I've decided to make it a bit quicker. Focusing on key points of action instead of every roll, every move and every turn.

The Board, we're running a breakthrough mission (in retrospect I think this was a poor choice for a beach landing mission, but whaddya gonna do?)

German's mighty deployment

British step off the boats and onto the beach!
 More after the break!

Monday, July 1, 2013

First In Last Out: Pathfinders Lead the Way!

In darkest night of June 6th, 1944 American and British pathfinders landed at locations across Normandy in order to set up visual and radar beacons to guide in the paratroopers and glider borne soldiers who were soon to follow.

In some places they saw success, but across the region misdrops, equipment failures and other problems were the rule of the night.

As part of our Operation Overlord global campaign kickoff bat rep's Ben and I decided to recreate one of those attempts to set up beacons that would later guide troops into the fight. Ben is, of course, playing the Brit Pathfinders and I'm playing a Garrison of German grenadiers bivouacked in the region.

This is a bit of a special scenario we brewed up. So here's how we broke it down:

~We're each running 3 platoon of infantry. Me: 3 Platoons of C/V MG teams plus 1i and 2i. Ben: 3 Platoons of F/V Paras with 1i, 2i and 2 beacons.

~To replicate the scattered nature of both defender and attacker we rolled randomly for deployment for each half platoon.  First by long table half, then by the two tables quarters on that half of the table and finally by 1 of 4 quadrants in that table quarter. Essentially, on the 5x5 table we were playing on this created 16 possible landing sites.

~All half platoon start pinned. For Germans because they're oblivious and for Brits because they've just landed and are re-organizing.

~Half platoons must either move towards an objective, their nearest command team (Platoon, 1i or 2i) or, in the case of the brits, towards one of the two beacons.

~The entire game would be played using night rules.

~On first contact with an enemy unit it must be identified by a skill check.

~To win the Brits the must pick up each of the beacons and place one on each objective. To tie they must place one objective and they will lose if they fail to place a beacon or the Germans over run both beacons.

The Board
The deployment and fight after the cut!

Operation Deadstick: Hold Until Releived

(So, Ben and I did one of the Kick Off bat rep's for the WWPD global Operation Overlord campaign, it got posted up over at their site today! Reposting here. Thanks to Steve, The Signal and the whole WWPD for creating another excellent global campaign! If you're not already signed up head on over and do it!)

It is D-Day, June 6th 1944, 00:16 hours. The British 6th Airborne Division, including D Company of the Oxfordshire & Buckinhamshire Light Infantry, are tasked with seizing a key crossing of the Caen Canal from elements of the 752. Grenadier Kompanie in order to secure one of the few flanking routes available to Germans for counter attack.

Today, as part of the opening moves of the WWPD global Flames of War campaign we proudly present the assault on Pegasus Bridge.

I and my partner in crime Ben decided to fight it out at 1780 points. He'll be running an Airlanding Company from Turning Tide and I'll be running Grenadiers from Earth & Steel. We went with the older books because, at the time we played the scenario, the new versions weren't out yet.

To do the scenario some justice while still making it a competitive fight we decided on a few special rules:

  • There are two objectives, one at each end of the bridge. To win, the British, as the attackers, must hold both objectives.
  • German units on the map, other than the MG nests, will start bailed out or pinned until turn two.
  • The British will start with 6 platoons deploying from the 2 Horsa gliders on their short board edge. 
  • German and British reserves are both delayed. British reserves, due to the nature of the air landings, have a chance to come in on either short board edge. 
    • A roll of 1, 2 or 3 will see their reserves coming on from the board edge closest to their Landing Zone. 
    • A roll of 4, 5 or 6 will see the reserves coming on from the board edge closest to the Sword Beach exit. 
    • German reserves come on from the Sword Beach exit table edge. 
  • It is night until turn 5 when, beginning on the defenders turn, a 5+ will end night fight rules.
  • The game ends on turn 10 
The Map:

The Lists:

British Airlanding company will start with 4 Airlanding Platoons, 1 Pioneer Platoon and a Recce Platoon on the table:

The German Grenadier Kompanie will begin will all units on the table except for the Panzer IV's. German Units are pinned down or bailed out until turn 2.

Both Ben and I did our best to put together some historically accurate lists and, personally, I'm chomping at the bit to try out some of those Rommel's Zirkus vehicles like the Lorraine Schlepper's and the 38H's.

Check out the whole fight after the break!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Showdown & Showcase Comics Battlefront Team Tourney AAR

Hello Philly!
This weekend Ben, Mitch, Jim and I headed on up to the fabulous Showcase Comics in Philadelphia for a hot helping of Flames of War, team style.

A few months back Battlefront posted up on the Flames website that they'd be hosting a team tournament. Mitch invited Ben and I to join him and Jim for an epic multi-day throw down. And boy howdy did we have a blast!

Here's the set up: 6 teams competed over 5 rounds of 1750 late war games, 1 fair fight, 2 mobile battles and 2 defensive battles. The team with the best score wins eternal glory, and a neat plaque. Each team could only be made up of 1 army per nationality (commonwealth Brits were different than "mainline" and all the small countries were available as well) and you could only double up on one list type (mech, tank, inf etc...).

After some tough negotiations our team decided to run the following:

Me: Panzergrenadier Lehr (Earth & Steel)
       HQ with 2x Panzerschrek
       2x Full Panzergrenadier Lehr Platoons
       Panzerpio Lehr with 5 tracks and 2 stuka zu fuss tracks
       Full Lehr Heavy Mortar Platoon
       3x PaK 40's
       6x Puma's
       3x Nebelwerfers
Ben: 51st Highlanders (from the PDF)
       2x Cmd Rifle
       2x Full 51st rifle platoon
       Full 3" mortar
       2x 4 team 6 lbr platoons
       3x Churchill Crocodiles (of righteous fire +5)
       Recce 3x Diamler 2x Humber
       8x QQF 25 Lbr. Arty
       4x BL 5.5 Arty
Jim: Tankovy (Red Bear)
       HQ T-34 '42
       10x T-34 '42
       5x T-34 '42
       3x ISU-122 w/escorts & Rat
       4x SU-85M
       6x Hvy Mortars
       4x Katyusha's
Mitch: Canadian Armored Rifles (Market Garden)
       HQ Rifle Team
       2x Rifle Platoons w/Kangaroos with .50 cals
       3x Uni Carriers 2x .50 1x Piat
       3x 6 lbr
       Landmattress battery
       2x Sherman V 2x Firefly w/.50's
       2x Sherman V 1x Firefly w/.50
       Heavy Mortar Platoon

I'll talk through the tourney and show you a ton of pics if you click on that link!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bat Rep! Kradschutzen v. Panhorde (Our first early war game)

My homie Ben "Loon" and I are hard at work on putting together our early war armies. As you've seen from the blog I'm doing French, and he'll be joining with a German list.

Yesterday, we decided to put the paint brushes down and get in a game.  Our first in the Early War era (well, I played a few at NOVA last year but not with an army I'd want to play :) There had been much smack talk around the hacienda recently so we decided to put our money where our mouths are.

Ben is bringing his motorcycle gang (Aufklarungschwadron to you historically minded folks) while I'm throwing down the always loveable Panhards in a 1625 point hold the line scenario with the Germans on the attack.

First off, the lists!

Weighing in at 1625 points with 8 platoons, including the fearsome Bunkerflak, Loon brings the Nazi's on motorbikes.

And in the very very French corner weighing in at 1620 points with 8 platoons are the gentlemen in their armored jalopys!

Now, on to the game! (After the break)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bat Rep! 11th AD vs Panzer Lehr

Still my favorite propaganda poster of all time
It's like, "Kilroy was here, but EVIIIIL"
Ahhh, another weekend another battle against fellow WWPD Forum Pyrrhic Victory. This time he's posting up with the famous 11th Armored division. The website describes them as:

"A flashing rapier that cut into the heart of the German defenses." 

And yeah, they kind of did that during this bat rep as well.

I, on the other hand, will be taking a new iteration of my trusty Panzer Lehr Panzergren's.

The Run Down

Mission: Cauldron
Points: 1780
Attacker: 11 AD (From Taurus Pursuant PDF)
Defender: Panzer Lehr (From Earth & Steel)

The Lists!
11th AD:
HQ: 1IC Sherman V with .50 Cal, 2IC Sherman V with .50 Cal
Combat Plat 1: 3x Sherman V 1x Firefly with .50 Cal
Combat Plat 2: 3x Sherman V 1x Firefly with .50 Cal
Recce Patrol: 4x Stuart 5 Jalopy
Brigade Support: Rifle Platoon
Div Support: 4x M10
Div Support: 2x Daimler 1x Sawn off Daimler

Panzer Lehr:
HQ: 2x Cmd w/Track
Combat Plat 1: Full Panzer Lehr Platoon
Combat Plat 2: Full Panzer Lehr Platoon
Weap Plat 1: 4x Heavy Mortars
Weap Plat 2: 2x Pak40
Weap Plat 3: Full Panzerpio Lehr with 3 extra Half Track & 2x Stuka ZuFuss
Div Support 1: 3x Puma, 3x Puma
Div Support 2: 4x Panzerwerfer 42 w/extra Crew

German Deployment and British Objective Placement

British Deployment

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bolt Action Bat Rep: Rangers Vs. SS (Noobtastic!)

Today, we re-enter the NEWB ZONE as I am very excited to bring to you our first attempt at a Bolt Action Bat Rep. Me, and new Throck of Warfighter (and very old friend) Amok decided to throw down 750 points of SS vs. Rangers and just fight over victory points to test out the rules and the feel of the game. Bolt Action seems fun, and is certainly a lighter lift than Flames. But, after a couple of reads through the rule I'm a little worried about the abstraction of the rules.

For the uninitiated, Bolt Action is all about the "reinforced platoon" as its basic unit. That means a solid core of a couple of squads of PBI (with about 5 to 15 dudes each) with an HQ and then support elements like a tank, machine guns, mortars, armored cars etc...

For each list you pretty much need to buy an HQ (1 to 3 dudes) and the two squads of grunts and then add on whatever else your army list allows (although, no more than 1 tank per platoon). There are all sorts of ways to pimp your basic guys such as giving them SMG's, Panzerfausts, Assault Rifles etc... Also, with the new German Army book the level of vehicles to choose from runs the gamut from early war to late. I'm looking forward to the rest of the army books to get everyone on an even footing. The good news there is there isn't that long to wait. The new Wargames Illustrated has these coming out every two months between now and November 2013 with the Americans in January and the Brits in March.

I feel very much like this when ever I open a new rule set.
To be honest, I love painting in 28mm and so that is the biggest draw for me for Bolt Action. That, and you get big tanks, much bigger than their 15mm equivalent. There is something cool about pushing that Sherman or Puma around the field on the 1/48 scale.

Another great bit about the 28mm form of the hobby is that there are so many great companies making excellent mini's for the WW2 period. The BoltAction.Net forums have a good list to get you started. But today's bat rep features a Puma by Italeri, SS by Victory Force and Warlord Games and Rangers and Shermans also by Warlord.

For this first game I'll be playing the SS (why do I always get stuck with the Bosche?) and Amok will be handling the 2nd Rangers with Sherman support.

Lastly, apologies for the unpainted-ness of the models. I'm working diligently on getting both armies painted up (in fact, since this bat rep was photographed the rangers are now almost half done and the Sherman is nearly complete!) So without any more ado, the Bat Rep!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Aaaaaand, we're back! (with Bat Rep!)

The Throck of War Team, back from some needed R&R
I'm that saucy minx in the center.
Well, hello there stranger! It's been a good long time since I've been able to do anything with my humble blog, but I'm very happy to say ThrockOfWar is back in action! Having navigated an election, a super storm, getting my car totaled, the holidays part 1 and a pretty nasty illness it's taken me a bit longer to get here than I would've liked. But here I am, nay here we are! The Throck of War team is still in tact and we've even gained a few members.

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be posting up a backlog of stuff I've photographed over the last couple of months including:

~An Afrika Corps photo study for my mid war army, with WIP pics of the actual army to follow.
~WIP Picks of my 101st Para's & Welsh Guards for some upcoming market garden fun
~A pic dump from a Tournament at Huzzah Hobbies from late September where I got housed but Loon actually won the darn thing.
~Bolt Action Learn to Play fun and WIP pics of my SS and Ranger armies
~And hopefully much much more!

But first up I bring you a most excellent Bat Rep as last night my boy from the WWPD Forums Pyrrhic Victory and I threw down an epic 1780 point late war battle.

Scenario: Counter Attack
Points: 1780
Attacker: 99th ID by Pyrrhic Victory (Confident Trained from Devil's Charge)
Defender: 12. Volksgrenadierkompanie by Throckmorton (Confident Vet's from NUTS!)
Place: Our FLGS Eagle & Empire, Alexandria, VA.

The Board:
The Board with objectives. I deploy bottom right, Pyrrhic deploys top right. 
Read on for the list's and the actual bat rep!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Barrage Con!

Well hello there Throck's and Throckette's! This weekend Crazed Loon, me and a buddy of ours headed up to beautiful Harve De Grace Maryland for Barrage Con 16 to participate in the 1575 LW Tournament held by the fine gentlemen from I-95 gamers.

It's about a two hour drive up I-95 from Throck HQ and it was, I must say, well worth it. First of all, most importantly, and I can't stress this enough.

There is No Museum in Harve De Grace Maryland.

They Just want you to think there is. 
I'm telling you, they're cagey. They really want you to not think there is a museum, and there isn't, despite their attempts to convince you that it's there, do not believe their lies. It's not a decoy, it's simply not real.
Although, the Blues Brothers have taken up residence... I always wondered where they went after the movies...
A little worse for wear, but still keeping it real. 
But you're not here for the travelogue are you! You want to hear about all the war gamey goodness and see a ton of pictures of games in action. Well, I aim to please, so let's get down to the nitty gritty. First off, here's the list I took: