Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Throck Vs. Loon in Bucks

Well, hey there everyone. It's been a minute since we've done an Operation Sealion bat rep. So here I serve up to you the first of two from the weekend and the first of a Bat Rep trifecta that will be coming you way this week we see yours truly, VonThrock, step up against Loon's Brit's in a 1750 Surrounded fight in Buckinghamshire. If you've ever wondered what a Sad Panther looked like, read on to find out.

Yes, I know we need to diversify! But today we bring you another in the epic stuggle of KG VonThrock vs Loon & Rotny. It seems no matter where Throck attacks Loon or Rotny is there to put him in check. Today, our short but bloody battle reports comes to you from Buckinghamshire where we played a 1750 surrounded game with Loon being the one surrounded.

KG VonThrock's Grens
  • HQ: 2x Cmd w Faust, Tracks & Schreck
  • Combat Platoon 1: 1x Cmd w Faust 6x MG team & Tracks
  • Combat Platoon 2: 1x Cmd w Faust 6x MG team & Tracks
  • Div Support 1: 4x Panther G
  • Div Support 2: 4x Panzerwefer 42 w/extra Crew
  • Div Support 3: 3x Quad 2cm AA Tracks
  • Warrior Team: VonThrock (VonSaucken)
  • 5 Platoons, 1750 Points
Loon's Commando's
  • HQ: Commando HQ
  • Combat Platoon 1: 2x Cmd 10x Rifle/MG 2x PIAT
  • Combat Platoon 2: 2x Cmd 10x Rifle/MG 2x PIAT
  • Div Support 1: 3x Sherman V 1x Firefly
  • Div Support 2: 2x M10C 17 pdr
  • Div Support 3: 4x QQF 25 pdr
  • Div Support 4: Limited Typhoon Air Support
  • Div Support 5: Naval Guns
  • Warrior Team: Brigadier The Lord Loon (Lord Lovat)
  • 5 Platoons 1750 Points


The Blank Canvass Upon Which We Shall Shed Our Blood Today

The mighty British Bulldog, Surrounded and fighting for his life

Glamor Shot of same

Jerry, in his terrible armormed steed... (wait a minute, that's not how this blog sounds!)

The flower of the German Youth, ready to speed towards thier destiny... (might as well roll with it.)

KG VonThrock's Grens
    Loon's Commando's

      KG VonThrock's Grens: I was dumb. I split my forces too much. Keeping the Panthers & Rockets on one side and the rest of the forces on the other was just plain stupid. My thought was that I could catch Loon in a devious pincer move. You're about to see how that went down.
      Loon's Commando's: Throck also deployed his objectives where they were very easy for me to defend. Making him extra dumb this time around. I plopped my little Brits right on top of them, dug in and waited.

      TURN 1

      Panzer Grens move up. Only one of the two platoons make the stormtrooper check, even with Von Throck's re-roll.

      Tigers and Ack Ack move up on the other side.

      Brits score first blood, Shermans move up taking out two loaded half tracks, the CO survives but the poor grens do not.

      KG VonThrock's Grens
      • Combat Platoon 1: 2x MG stands 2x Tracks
      Loon's Commando's

        TURN 1 SUMMARY
        KG VonThrock's Grens: I just need to get stuck in fast (that could, perhaps, be what she said...). But I botch one of my two storm trooper rolls. Other wise, it's general advancement from both flanks.
        Loon's Commando's: My troopers sit tight, but I advance the Shermans and score some hits on one of his gren units. At the beginning of the turn I pop my immediate ambushed M10 close to my Shermans in the hopes that the weight of fire can take out the tracks and pin down those grens so they can't assault.

        TURN 2

        Everbody get out of the tracks!

        Panthers Continue to Move On Up

        Brits button up and lay down the fire on the Jerries

        KG VonThrock's Grens
        • Combat Platoon 1: 2x MG stands 2x Tracks
        • Combat Platoon 2: 1x MG Stand
        Loon's Commando's
        • Div Support: 1 25 lbr

        TURN 2 SUMMARY
        KG VonThrock's Grens: I continue to move my boys up into position. My Rockets are able to take out 1 25 lbr and bail a sherman. Not much...
        Loon's Commando's: Not much here either. My arty un pins and is able to take out one of stands in the German 2nd platoon, pinning them as well.

        TURN 3

        Grens & Panthers move up for the assault

        Assault Preperations

        Panthers Assault the local infantry first. 1 Bail on the way in and 2 more by the brits in combat. I'm forced to retreat!

        Grens Press The Assault and Brit Infantry comes to the rescue of the arty.

        Despite doing damage they too are pushed back.

        A platoon of commandos heads after Throck's Rocket spotter

        He flees!

        KG VonThrock's Grens
        • Combat Platoon 1: 2x MG stands 2x Tracks
        • Combat Platoon 2: 4x MG Stand
        • Div Support: 3x Panther G
        Loon's Commando's
        • Div Support: 2x 25 lbr
        • Combat Platoon: 3x Rifle/MG Team

        TURN 3 SUMMARY
        KG VonThrock's Grens: This is where it all comes apart. I successfully pin the infantry and artillery so I think I'm good to go. My panthers move up to assult, 3 are bailed in the ensuing melee and I can't pass my stinking morale test. That's 3 dead Panthers in the blink of an eye. The Panzergrens assault (more out of fury than anything else) and get pushed back as well. It hurts us.
        Loon's Commando's: That was AWESOME. I didn't expect to kill three Panthers, and statistically I shouldn't have, but I'll sure take it. I take some more shots at him, but being as understrength as he now is it makes no sense for me to go after him. Except for that stinking spotter!

        TURN 4

        Throck throws his grens at the Shermans

        My the brits have some odd looking air support...

        Brits head for the rockets unprotected in the rear

        And finally chase down that poor spotter

        End of Game

        KG VonThrock's Grens
        • Combat Platoon 1: 4x MG stands 3x Tracks
        • Combat Platoon 2: 4x MG Stand
        • Div Support: 3x Panther G
        Loon's Commando's
        • Div Support: 2x 25 lbr
        • Combat Platoon: 3x Rifle/MG Team
        • Div Support: 2x Sherman V

        TURN 4 SUMMARY
        KG VonThrock's Grens: I knew this was my last hurrah. If I couldn't move something off the board I was doomed to a slug fest I couldn't win. I bring my remaining Panther around to join with the grens, bombard the arty, pin them and the infantry supporting them and STILL I get pushed back. So, so painful. So, to capture some glory, I send the remnants of my other Gren platoon off and bag two Shermans... Not much. Not enough.
        Loon's Commando's: I keep the fire up and hold my position. Except for the STUPID spotter, who I finally run down and END. Because he deserves it, that's why. Throck see's his position is untenable and quits the field. I WIN. We decided on 4-3 because he was in my DZ but wasn't near enough to an objective to contest.
        Throck: Ouch, I played that all wrong. Should have punched the Shermans in the face with my panthers and used them to support a main assault on the guns. I think going for them was the right idea. I just pulled it off all sorts of bad. Loon: I ended him. Flawless fatality. This was my first time running the M-10's and I think they're very worth while. They forced Throck to make a stupid decision (even more stupid than usual anyways :).

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        1. Von Throck!!! Oh well, hope he's got a clean pair of undershorts on..! Senvich's just lost Saltford near Bath to the Allies. That's a worrisome devellopment for sure. And if the fierce Russians of the 69th Guards Tankovi, the 217th Spetznovi and the Black Watch of Scotland are known for being - particularly - awkward, then he's in Deeeeeppp trouble.

        2. More than anything, I fear those Kilts, and that damn devils music coming from those pipes. We'll get them, oh I assure you, we will prevail.

        3. Have you -ever- seen the film 'Carry on up the Khyber'? " Grasp Kilts!" "Kilts raise!!!" The poor Afghanistan Burpas took one look at the line of Highland Soldiers and they did the fastest, strategic withdraw in history! Come to think of it, the KOSB did the same to the Italians, one platoon of those Scots did the same and a whole Italian battallion fainted in shock! The exposition tactic worked well on them! Over 400 prisoners..

          That without a shot being fired in Wellington, Somerset!

          Stephen Farthing - Bristol