Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kerr & King Terrain Arrived!

Hey Throckers and Throckettes! On a day when I had to pay 500 bones to fix my car and it turns out it still doesn't work I needed a little bright and shiny in my day. And to my great joy it came in the form of my Kerr & King terrain order!

I gotta tell ya'll, these are some great terrain pieces and well worth the approximately three week wait to get here from jolly 'ole England. 

8 New Buildings from Kerr & King!
Initial thoughts: Wow these are super detailed, light but not flimsy feeling and sturdy models. Their website calls them a cast resin but what ever mixture they're using feels different than other resins I've worked with before. There was very little flash or odd casting remnants on these and literally no release agent. There's nothing I love more than NOT having to wash my models. There were some odd things about these boys but I'll get into more detail, with many many more pics, after the break.

All buildings in this order came from one of their "cities in a box" line. I bought selected buildings from the Les Verrieres rural building set and the full Lingevres "city in a box" deal

 First up we've got the Les Verrieres Lime Washed Stone Barn
A lime washed granite effect is what they're going for here and I think they pull it off nicely. The vines, which look great in person, are well sculped and should be a breeze to paint. 

As you can see it comes apart into three pieces: roof, second floor and the body of the building
All of these buildings look great in person. But here is my first gripe. That second floor is a pain to get out. I can't imagine it would be easy to remove during a game without spilling your models. Luckily, this one doesn't have a floor so you can pick the whole thing up and put your stand in there, some of the other buildings aren't so lucky. The other issue with this one specifically is that the roof doesn't lock down, there's no holding it on and it slips off quite easily. 

Next up we've got the Two Story Farm Building from the Les Verrieres set A great building that is built sensibly with the roof, top story and bottom being different pieces, no need to remove the second story floor here.

And a nice open bottom (that's what she said...)
More of that awesome ivy. 

 On that second picture up there you can see the only other fault with the casting that I could find and that was some really (REALLY) rough edges on the roofs. 

Here's my favorite, The Les Verrieres Small Building. It's got great detailing all the way around, with a removable roof and some great boxes and other bits molded on to one of the walls. 
Look ma! Gubbins!

And Now we move into the Lingevres city in a box set. Here we've got the French Pair of Buildings Shelled. Once again the detail is great, the second floor is a pain to get out and the roof, down in the second pic there, is exceedingly awkward to balance on it. This is esentially the theme you'll see throughout the rest of the buildings below. Astoundingly well detailed with some poor design choices. 

Hey Jacque, I think someone broke your building. 

French Civic Building - Lingevres
This is where you go pay taxes if your French, and the Germans haven't taken over.

The descriptively titled N. French Building - Lingevres Lime-washed wall/Pan Tiled roof
Small building, long name. Compensating for something are we?

And its brother N. French Building. Rendered Walls & Tiled Roof - Lingevres

So what do I think? Despite some silly design choices man I'm happy I got these. They'll be great table candy, were not at all expensive and will add some excellent tactical choices to our table. Now, it's time assemble the team and get these things painted up!


  1. A big +1 on the Kerr&King buildings. I purchased the desert city in a box for my North African themed games and they are my favourite pieces of terrain. Great detailing, they were a joy to paint.

  2. Hi

    Thanks for the review. How many medium sized FOW bases can be put into each of these houses?