Thursday, June 14, 2012

PSC/BF Panthers in the Snow For Show and Tell!

Hey all! Welcome to the first installment of Show and Tell! (Ok, so the name may need some work, but we'll roll with it for now). Here is where we'll show off the mini's we paint and the little men we love. Someday you to could be featured here!

To start, I offer to you today the mighty Panther. Some of the first 15mm mini's I ever painted waaaaaaay back in like, oh March-ish I think? My late war German's were originally based off of KampfGruppe Bake in the Korsun Pocket. Thus the snowy look to my grens, tanks and accompanying support.  

I made a little mistake on the PSC Panthers, the directions didn't say to put the machine guns on. Or maybe they did and I missed it, so they're lacking those. Hard to pick up on the table top but easy to see in the photos below. Also, note that the PSC have the A & D Panthers mixed up in the directions so, if you're new to the Panther set flip those bad boys around and remember to put the guns on!

I always appreciate constructive criticism, please rip apart!

Panthers on the March
 More after the break!

Oberstleutnant Bake
Franz Bake
Detail of dirt on the tracks/schurtzen
Lining up the shot
PSC Panther Close Up

Panthers Trundle through town