Sunday, June 24, 2012

Panzers in the Snow

Next installment in my German army photog fun time. Here we've got a set of five PSC Panzer IV's. I did the same white wash scheme and weathering techniques on these as on the Panthers you all saw earlier. These are the absolute first 15mm models I've ever painted, along with the first WW2 models as well. Due to this, I didn't realize at the time that Heer Panzer Commanders wore black. Here the commander is in a very dapper grey scheme.

I feel like the PSC series of Tanks acts as a great entryway to Flames Of War. They are affordable, look cool, and aren't that hard to build (coming from a Warhammer 40k background anyways). I will always recommend Battlefront for the large majority of modelling I do but these little PSC guys have helped me get four more of my local gaming group into the game.

Please also note. We will have a very special announcement coming quite soon. 

As always, I love constructive criticism. 

Panzers Marsch

Herr Kommander
Herr Kommander In Reverse

Detail of Tank 812

Front Pz IV

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  1. Throck - my secret is! That sometimes you can find OUT a paintscheme totally by accident.

    Take the newest forces of the Axis, that I'm planning to do! The painting scheme is a simple solution that was discovered purely by total accident. I've now got a simple paintscheme that a friend described as superb! Using Allied Green, Grey and graveyard earth colours. And a smidgin of bolt metal too!

    All because of a total accident and slip of the paintbrush. 5% luck and 95% accident!

    Hope that gives you something to work with! My Friend.

    Stephen Farthing of Bristol