Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rotny's Post Game thoughts from Yesterday's Bat Rep

(My Czech loving comrade Rotny Vana, dropped me an email further explaining his thoughts on our game I posted yesterday. Check it out.)

Hey guys! Man tank on tank games are quick! It was a good game, and the first game of FoW where I actually felt like I had a solid, well thought out strategy to win the game. But as the famous saying goes, no battlefield plan ever survives the first shot—and this was definitely one of those cases. 

First, I decided to attack (first deployment drop) to get the +1 on my roll to go first, figuring that I’d have an above average chance. Unfortunately I got ‘french diced’ (a tongue in cheek concept our gaming group uses since Throck’s French FoW dice seem to defy the laws of math and physics and roll an inordinate amount of 6’s!). From there, it kind of went downhill for my plans.

Even going second, I figured that the T34’s on the weak flank could take a some of the Panzer IV’s and lure the Tigers/Panther deeper into my backfield. Half of that happened as planned, unfortunately not the important kill the Panzers half! 

The IS-2’s, even though they score a few hits, couldn't penetrate Panther armor, even at AT15 FP2+! Then, despite being at range and concealed, they got hit three times, and I failed all three saves (on 1’s mind you)! 

At that point, setting up a field of fire on my strong flank was no longer an option. Now all of this might have been salvageable, but Throck is too good a general not to pounce on battlefield advantages (ed note: duh), and he played it like a champ (ed note: duh duh).

In our post-game we discussed that I should have been more aggressive with my tanks. I think that given the lay of the land I made the right call in the end. I would have had to choose a more aggressive deployment to be more successful on the offensive. A good and fun game, and more lessons learned as I get used to the ropes of a Guards Tankovy… 

See you all next time (I promise I’ll get that dastardly Throck eventually!) I’m off to Battlefront to get me a French dice tin, and the FLGS to buy a full Strelkovy horde…

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