Friday, June 1, 2012

We Gotz New Terrain!

Hey team Throck! So, I got a little... abusive on ye olde wallet last night and picked up some of the Battlefield in a Box terrain. As well, my first shipment of JR Miniatures terrain came in. Let's be honest, you've seen our battle reports, the terrain is still a little janky and in dire need of an update. So here's the first wave. Coming soon, will be a large shipment of Kerr & King terrain from their western European set of goodness. 

There's the phat lewt. A rural building, farm field, vineyard and eastern church set from Battlefield in a Box and the European Fountain, Russian Cabin #1 Thatch, and Ornate Gable House. I'll go in depth after the break. 

OK, so let's start with the JR miniatures stuff. First note CAVEAT EMPTOR. If you remember your high school Latin you'll know that means Buyer Beware! These are some great sculpts but, and this is critical, JR did not note that you can't remove the tops from these buildings. A distinct bummer and I wish they would put a note or something on them. Also, I think it's time for them to update the site a bit to have pictures of all of their terrain, not just drawings of some, some painted and some still resin. 

The Ornate Gable House was a bit troublesome. I would imagine it's a popular sculpt as it seems the mold has seen some wear and tear. There is a lot of resin "fuzz" and the details are starting to fade. I'm not sure if this is from mold wear or casting issues. It's not a huge problem, but I've heard amazing things about JR and the the fuzz and off kilter walls were a disappointment. The other oddity on the piece was that the base of the model looked some how incomplete, like it was part of another set. There are even these two square pegs  at the base that look like it's meant to fit in with another piece and brick siding on the front of the house doesn't move around to the sides, it just abruptly ends. I may have missed something on their website, but they don't note whether or not this is part of a series or anything. 

The Fountain is huge for 15mm. It'll be a centerpiece in some city or another I'm planning to build, but no real complaints. I'm already thinking how I can make the inside green and slimy.

The Russian house is a classic I've seen in a ton of battle reports so I had to grab one. It's good model, nice detail. My only gripe (and maybe I'm just grumpy today) is that it had a TON of release agent on it. Even after washing it in the hot and soapy, soaking it in Diet Coke for a day, and washing it again, the stuff was still coming off. An inconvenience but not a huge one. 

On to the Battlefield in a Box Stuff

Well, what can I say? It's pretty great. Other folks have reviewed all of these pieces and I share their love. Only one thing, and its minor, I wish that farm came with fences for both fields. Here's some gratuitous table porn: 

That's it for today. Thanks for reading!

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