Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bat Rep is Back! Panzer Lehr Vs. Strelkovy 1750

Wait... That Can't Be Authentic...
So, we decided to take some time off from Bat Reps in the post Operation Sealion glow. But we're back! Today we bring you Throcks Panzer Lehr (that will perhaps be his NOVA Open list) vs. Rotny Vany'a Strelk's.

It was a hell of a battle. Short, bloody, and tons of learning along the way. Just the kind of thing we like here at Throck of War.

Sadly, my computer is liking the fine WWPD Bat Repper for some reason today. So we're just goin to wing it.

Mission: Hasty Attack
Points: 1750
Attacker: Dietrich Von Throckmorton's Panzer Lehr Panzergrenadiers
Defender: Rotny Vanya's Guards Strelkovy Battalion

The Lists (R= In reserve)
Panzergrenadier Lehr Kompanie
~Lehr Kompanie HQ: 1x Cmd Smg, 1x Cmdzerfuast, 2x Panzerschreck, 3x Track (2x Panzerschreck to Combat Plt 3)
~Combat Platoon 1: 1x Cmdzerfaust, 2x Tank Hunter, 4x Mg Team, 3x Tracks
~Combat Platoon 2: 1x Cmdzerfaust, 2x Tank Hunter, 4x MG Team, 3x Track
~(R)Combat Platoon 3: 1x Cmdzerfaust, 2x Tank Hunter, 4x MG Team, 3x Track
~Combat Platoon 4: Heavy Lehr Plt, 4x HMG 2x Track (2 HMG each to Combat PLT's 1 & 2)
~(R)Weapons Platoon 1: 2x PaK 40, 1x CMD
~(R)Div Support 1: 2x PaK 40, 1x CMD
~(R)Div Support 2: 3x Panzerwerfer42 With extra crew etc...
~Div Support 3: 4x 15cm sFH18 Howitzer etc...
~Div Support 4: 2x 8.8 FlaK36 with extra Crew etc...

Strelkovy Battalion (Guards)
~Strelk HQ: 2x Cmd Rifle, 1x Komissar
~Combat Company 1: 1x Cmd Rifle/MG, 1x Komissar, 14x Rifle/MG, 7x MG
~Combat Company 1: 1x Cmd Rifle/MG, 14x Rifle/MG, 7x SMG (Sadly no Kommissar)
~(R)Weapons Company: Strelk Scouts, 1x Cmd SMG, 2x SMG
~(R)Corps Support: Guards Heavy Assault 4x ISU-152
~(R)Corps Support: Guards Rockets 4x Katyusha, extra crew etc...
~Air Support: Limited Air Support: IL-2 Shturmovik

The Board

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Crazy Yank does Halftracks, US Style

Yes, but which half?
 Ahhh, the humble half track. Carrying blitzdoughs to and fro across the battlefield in open air, convertable style.

The M3 half track was a mainstay of US Armored Infantry during World War 2 and, like it's German cousin, couldn't take a hit from anything bigger than lights arms. However, also like it's German cousin, those MG's on top could really come in handy in a pinch!

Today, my beloved American master painter Crazy yank has provided us with some more eye candy. This time, it's battlefront's very own M3 half track minis which he's painting up for his armormed rifle company.

One of my favorite things about Yank's painting is the contrast he's able to get between light an dark. I should really ask him how he does it. The dirt on the tracks and treads also contrasts very well and pops out quite nicely on the table.

If you've got any questions or constructive criticism let us know! We're always looking to learn more.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Historicon Part 1

Stolen from the website.
Well, my internet has been down since Thursday so I do apologize for the loss of Throckie goodness these past few days. But boy howdy let me tell you they've not been without excitement. This weekend I got the opportunity to go to Historicon 2012. And what a blast it was!

This was my first ever historically focused con and I wasn't really sure what to expect. I have to say, the commitment folks in the historical gaming is truly impressive. My FLGS guys, Eagle and Empire, got their hands on the Wargaming Monthly siege of Sevastopol board which is simply beautiful along with running a simply HUGE Charge of the Light Brigade scenario, I think the board was over 18 feet long and a mega sized flames of war game. By which I mean the miniatures were simply huge.

Last, but most certainly not least, the FOW mid-war tournament! I've got tons of pics below on that as well as everything else I spied while I was there.

Of special note, I got to meet some of the WWPD crew! Steve, Luke and Jon are honestly a great group of guys and I highly recommend their blog and for all your Flames of War needs, well those needs I don't meet anyways :)

But you're really here for the pics and here they are!

No seriously, welcome

Thursday, July 19, 2012

CrazyYank Sherman's, All painted up

Name that movie!
In other words, CrazyYank paint's up Tanks. Man, I really wanted that to rhyme more than it actually did. Anyways, our resident American player CrazyYank continues the battle to paint up his Armored Rifle company. Here's he's got some Sherman's and... Firefly's I think? I'm a German player, we just call them all easy targets :)

As always, we all love constructive criticism and hobby related feedback on these picture posts. Let us know what you think!
I'll let the pictures do the talking:

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Anyone else totally Jazzed about the WWPD Network?

The fine folks at WWPD have put up a new portal for all things WWPD related. I, for one, am excited to see where they go!

Here's a link to the WWPD Network

Looks pretty sweet right?

Operation Sealion, London Bridge comes Falling Down?

Well hey there everyone. After a couple of very busy days I've finally found a moment to post up our final Operation Sealion battle report.

The fine folks at WWPD have held one hell of a campaign and I'm glad to say it's one of things that really got me into blogging and playing FoW as my main miniatures game.

Seriously, hats off to the The Signal, Steven and the whole WWPD team for putting together one hell of a two month, global campaign of pure awesome-sauce.

Rumor has it that the next WWPD campaign will be 6 months or so from now (although the time line seems squishy, and for good reason, those boys need a rest!) and will be a mid-war desert campaign.

Welp, it's time to get started on that Yank Armored Rifle Company. It'll be the 36th Division, the T-Patchers, where my great-uncle served on a Priest motorized artillery piece.
In the mean time we'll be painting up and playing some early war with me doing French, Loon doing Germans and Rotny doing Polish Cavalry. We'll also be running our own little D-Day campaign (with Russian Lend-lease of course!) and participating in the local battle board league.

While Operation Sealion got this whole thing started, I assure you even though it's over we'll keep putting out the good stuff.

Now, on to the bat rep. I've decided to do this one a little differently than the rest. I'm going to post up all the pics and do a little narrative, but really, this huge 16000 point London battle is an homage to all the great fun we've had these last few months. Enjoy the pics, all 60-ish of them!

So, without further ado:

The Table

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Konigstiger Review Pt 2, From Base to Board

Well hello friends! I'm back from a month of travel, and I can't tell you how happy I am about it. Posts should become more regular now and a few of the team here are going to be starting to post on own their shortly! Me boys are all grown up.

But, on to business. Today I bring you the second and final part of my step step review/tutorial on the Battlefront Kingtiger. Here I'll actually be painting the models and I'll let you know what I did and how I did it (mostly) step by step through the process. Because I'm a Luddite, I haven't started to use an air brush so I'll be going with a hand painted pea dot scheme appropriate, I think, to the Devil's Charge/Bulge period.

I always ask when I post on the boards, and I'll ask the same here, please give me any feedback that you think will help my hobby! Painting is my favorite part the better I get, the happier I am.

So... what tools do I use? For basecoating and when I brush on prime I use a citadel Large Dry Brush, it gets great coverage with a big bushy head (snicker). Seriously, GW brushes aren't good for much but I do like their dry brush line, especially the large which can do double duty as a base coat/tank brush. For all painting on the models except dry brushing I use a Raphael 8404 size 0. Simply the best detail brush in the business if you ask me.

So, with out any further ado:

First up, with the Citadel large Dry Brush I do two layers of relatively wet Vallejo/Flames of War line Middlestone #882

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Konigstiger Review PT 1

That puppy right up there is one of the biggest, baddest tanks of World War 2. The Konigstiger (Which is actually German for Bengal Tiger) or Tiger II or Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. B is hulk of a machine. It weighs in at 67 tons and had, on it's most armored spots, a whopping 108mm's of armor protecting the crew. More impressive is the gun, which could penetrate any allied armor at a range of 1.6 miles. 

But were not here to talk about that guy. Where here to talk about this guy:

The Konigstiger Platoon from the fine folks at Battlefront. In this first part of the review we'll go from box to base coat taking a look at the great scwhag, some troubling casting and what, all in all a very fine kit. 

Read on to get the full run down on the Konigstiger

Case Waldgeist: Thoughts from the Commanders 4

+ + TOP SECRET + +

TO: Captain Jiří Sláma, Commanding Officer, 3rd Battalion, 1st Tank Brigade

FROM: Brig. General Ludvík Svodobda, Commander, I. Czechoslovak Army Corps

ORDERS: For Immediate Implementation in Operation Bílá Hora, CODE BLUE-SEVEN


Captain Sláma:

We are distressed by reports of losses at Burtonhole farm, but encouraged by your valiant efforts in the face of superior forces. You are to immediately link up with British and American elements to shore up the defense of the River Thames. The war will hinge on our successes—if London falls, so too do hopes of restoring our homeland to its rightful freedom. The Corps has been pressed hard in Ukraine, but after consultations with Marshal Konev I have been authorized to dispatch reinforcements for Operation Bílá Hora. We now have reports that troops from the 3rd Rifle Battalion of the 2nd Infantry Brigade (Otakar) have made a successful clandestine landing in Scotland, and will march to reinforce your positions within days. The Battalion’s Forward Scout Teams have already reported to Headquarters from the outskirts of London. Time is now of the essence, we cannot delay. Report immediately to Marshal Volkov.

The Vltava is Red. The Knights of Blanik stir in the Mountain. The Bear has Awoken. Feed him the Long Grain.

General Svoboda

Case Waldgeist: Thoughts from the Commanders 3

9, Juni 1944
To: Field Marshall Rundstedt, OKW
FR: Oberstleutnant von Throckmorton, FHH
RE: After Action Report, Case Waldgeist

Dear Field Marshall,

It is with great joy that I send word to you this evening that your legions stand victorious on the field of battle.  Today, the FHH, 21st Pzr Div, and 504 Schwere Pzr Abtlng have pushed the Allied forces out of north west London. The cost to our enemy was great and in my estimation some 30 Allied tanks were destroyed and 800 soldiers were lost. Tomorrow we push deeper into the city in an attempt to drive a wedge between the two forces we faced today.

At 06:35 this morning I ordered the troops under my command to step off from their start line per your orders. As our scouts suggested, this sector of the line was at a meeting point between two separate allied divisions. And from here I knew we could gain strategic advantage by using this tactical "seam" as a weak point through which to press the attack home. The morning was fast going until we hit stiff resistance from elements of the Czechoslovakian Guards, of whom I've written in the past, and the American 4th Armored Division.

However, the disposition of my forces was well suited to the task at hand. The 4th Armored blocked the way to a critical junction, that, were we to take it would allow us to thrust deeply into London proper and dispose of the two armies in detail. Using the rubble of the city as cover and their own infantry as a road block we were, to be honest, surprised at how many tanks the Americans had. And yet, we were able to counter with great support from Oberstleutnant Carius, and the Konigstigers of the 503.

I am told that Carius himself shot the tank out from under General Creighton Abrams. While we did not find General Abrams body among the dead another commendation for Carius, I'm sure, will be forthcoming.

It is at this point I should stop and make note that the tactical command of the 21st Panzers seems to be... deficient. Long gone are the glory days of Africa. Their commander chose to throw his Panthers into an assault against infantry on both our left and right with out the support of our own troops while facing well supported, dug in and experienced soldiers. The losses were near absolute with only the commander's tank still operational at the end of the day. Our resources are to few and our experienced men to precious to be thrown away in pernicious assaults that are not tactically advisable.

The Czech's facing us on the right were another story all together. Their determination, tactical acumen and general esprit de corps is not to be underestimated. Unlike the American's, who were decimated, the Czech's used a screen of their own infantry to fight a tactical withdrawal.

I am proud of the work my troops did this day. They have done a great honor to the Heer but like so many acts of bravery in this war they will go unrecorded except in missives like these. Tomorrow, we begin our movement towards the Themes. I plan to move in the direction of Holborn in order to seize Waterloo and Blackfriar bridges and the rail crossings near by.

While the opportunity exists to swing some elements of my army to the right in order to capture Buckingham Palace, I believe that the tactical necessity to secure the river crossings is paramount to any propaganda victory we may see from seizure of the palace. I am concerned that some in Berlin may not agree.

I am, as always, at your command.

Oberstleutnant Dietrich von Throckmorton

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Case Waldgeist: Thoughts From the Commanders 2

+ + TOP SECRET + +

TO: Brig. General Ludvík Svodobda, Commander, I. Czechoslovak Army Corps

FROM: Captain Jiří Sláma, Commanding Officer, 3rd Battalion, 1st Tank Brigade; Acting Field Commander

STATUS REPORT: Operation Bílá Hora


General Svoboda:

I am afraid I write with more bad news. Despite praise you may be receiving from President Beneš and the Cabinet in exile, the truth is our forces have been battered repeatedly by concerted Axis advances, with counter attacks largely ineffectual. Our Brigade Commander, Staff Captain Vladimir Janko has withdrawn our units from the heavy fighting at Buckinghamshire, after heavy losses of men and equipment. Captain Janko himself remains in a field hospital with a head injury, and as second most senior Officer Field Command of field assets has fallen to me.

Our Brigade has been battered but remains operational for combat. 1st Battalion (Masaryk) and 2nd Battalion (Jan Hus) have lost a company each, but have enough T-34/85 tanks for assignment to Forward Detachments, and remain on duty in South West, where Allied units continue to hold firm thanks to Naval assistance. 4th Battalion (Prokop) has sadly been lost in its entirety. My own 3rd Battalion (Žižka) remains at full operational capacity after successful field repairs—despite lacking punch against heavy Nazi armour, our  T-34/85’s remain rugged and tenacious. We maintain a full Reconnaissance Company of BA-64 cars, and have managed to capture several Panzerkampfwagon Ausf. A (Panther) tanks, that have been successful in Decoy operations. Though badly battered, our infantry companies stand ready to escort our tanks against stubborn German combat units. The men have taken to calling the enemy “Krtki” (moles), as they seem to come from the ground with rounded helmets, covered in dirt and inflict heavy damage with their infantry anti-tank assets and advanced machine guns.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Case Waldgeist: Thoughts From the Commanders 1

(From Oberstleutnant Dietrich von Throckmorton to his wife Katje hours before Case Waldgeist unfolded in North East London)

My Dearest Katje,

I know the censors will black out most of what I write here, but putting it on paper and knowing that you may see even some of my scribble makes me feel close to you. I hope the boys are well and that you are not troubled too much by the bombers that I'm sure must be causing so many of our people pain. Let the Schiller's know I have found an excellent set of sterling silver, as they requested, and I will find a way to ship it home to you. They've been so kind in my absence. 

I wish my letter could come to you at a more peaceful time, but tomorrow I am ordered again to go into battle. My boys, who first came ashore in Devon and have fought across the width of this blasted country are being asked to do the impossible again; assault London itself. 

The boys are ready, we've been off the line for near two weeks resting up and refitting after the hell that was Buckinghamshire. But I fear those terrible battles were just the prelude to something more. My two years on the east front fighting the Bolsheviks have well prepared me for the battle ahead but I do fear for my men. We've lost so many on this English shore that I've only a few of the veterans to spread around into the platoons. 

Do you remember me writing about Gunter Freihoffen? He's the Oberfeldwebel who has been with me since Barbarossa. Sadly, he took a hit outside Aylesbury just days before we were pulled off the line. The doctors tell me he will be alright but do send word to his wife Ilse that he is alive. I'm afraid she won't have heard anything. His loss was a blow to the troops. He was our best baritone and Lili Marlene just doesn't sound the same without him. It seems all of us old soldiers are disappearing. From the original company there are only 17 enlisted men and 4 officers left of those who started with me in Poland. 

This morning I sit in an English farm house, not so different from your Father's really. Just a few miles down the road is London and there, well... there are Russians there. Actually, Czech's if I'm to believe my scouts, along with more of those American Sherman's than you can count. 

The air is warm, and I am reminded in the quiet before the battle a time before the war. This sector is as yet untouched by the devastation we are asked to bring upon our countries enemies and I know soon I must order my men to shatter that peace. I find no joy in this war. 

If I am to die today know only that I have done my duty. I will miss this life, our boys and joyous home you've made for us. But, I am an officer of the German Army and I will perform my duty today. Know also that I am lucky, Rundstedt has gifted the assault with three of the new Konigstiger's. Oh darling, you should see these beasts! Steel so think I'm sure no red shell could penetrate it. They are commanded by the 503'rd, tankers I've fought beside many times before and do trust me they know their work well. 

My men are ready and we have good allies at our side. My only hope, and the one that was dashed, those damned Jabos will have clear skies today. Let us hope their bomb's fall short of their target. 

Well my love, the sun is rising and I must go. If I do not see you in this life, I am assured I will see you in the next. 

All my love,

Monday, July 9, 2012

Case Waldgeist: 12000 point Operation Sealion London Assault

Hey all, as promised here is the 12,000 point mega battle we did this weekend for Operation Sealion. I have to admit, we knocked the whole thing out in 5-ish hours. I'm still impressed at how well the game scales up. Of course, a ton of tanks helps that out.

Read on and enjoy!

At dawn on July 7th, 1944 FHH KG von Throckmorton (Throck) with elements of the storied 21st Pzr Div (player to be named later) and his long time FHH comrades from the 503 Schwere Pnzabtl (Throck) were ordered to punch through defensive lines in North East London. His start line was Burtonhole Farm, and OKW ordered the combined forces to meet a day 1 line of Ballards Lane. Opposing the German forces were fresh reinforcements from the 4th Armored Division (Jimbo) and a long time nemisis of von Throckmorton, Rotny Vana's stalwart Czech Guards. Sensing a seam in the allied defensive line KG von Throck struck on a narrow frontage. Allies Defenders, Dealyed reserves, prepared positions, immediate ambush 6120 Points. Axis attackers, 6135 points.

KG von Throck
  • KG Von Throck
  • HQ: 2x Commanzerfaust 1x Panzerschreck 3x Track
  • Combat Plt 1: 6x MG 1x Commanzerfaust 4x Track
  • Combat Plt 2: 6x MG 1x Commanzerfaust 4x Track
  • Combat Plt 3: 6x MG 1x Commanzerfaust 4x Track
  • Regimental Support: 2x Grille & Support/Command
  • Weapons Plt: 2x PaK 40 & Cmd
  • Div Support 1: Otto Carius, Feldwebel Kerscher & 2 additional Tigers
  • Div Support 2: Recce 2x 250 Tracks 4x 250/9 Tracks
  • Div Support 3: 4x Panzerwerfer's & Support/Command
  • Div Support 4: AA, 3x Armored Quad 2cm's
  • Div Support 5: Heavy AA, 2x 8.8 Flak 36 w/extra crew & Support/Command
  • Warrior: Dietrich von Throckmorton (Saucken)
  • 10 Platoons 2965 Points
  • 21st Panzer Division
  • HQ: 2x Panther 2
  • Combat Plt 1: 3x Panther G
  • Combat Plt 2: 3x Panther G
  • Combat Plt 3: 3x StuG G
  • Weapons Plt: AA 3x Quad 2cm's
  • Div Support: Arty 3x Wespe & Support/Command
  • 5 Platoons 2135 pts
  • 503 Schwere Panzerabteilung: HQ: 1x King Tiger Plt 1: 1x King Tiger Plt 2: 1x King Tiger 3 platoons, 1035 pts.
  • 4th Armored Division
  • HQ: 1x Easy 8 (1iC) 1x Jumbo (2iC) 2x Improvised Armor
  • Combat Plt 1: 2x Sherman 2x Easy 8 1x Jumbo
  • Combat Plt 2: 2x Sherman 2x Easy 8 1x Jumbo
  • Combat Plt 3: 2x Sherman 2x Easy 8 1x Jumbo
  • Support 1: TD Recon Unit and 4x M18 Hellcat's
  • Support 2: Blitzdoughs 5x Rifle 1x Mortar 2x LMG 5x Bazooka 1x Cmd 5x Tracks
  • Air Support: Priority P-47
  • 5 Platoons: 3415 Points
  • Rotny Vana's Czech Guard's
  • HQ: 1x T-34/85
  • Combat Co 1: 10 T-34/85
  • Combat Co 2: 5x T-34/85
  • Support Co 1: Strelk 14x SMG 1x Komissar 1x Cmd
  • Support Co 2: Recce 3x BA-64
  • Support Co 3: 4x IS-2
  • Air Support: Priority Sturmovick's
  • 5x Platoon's 2705 Points


The board

6,000 points of Germans ready to pounce

Friday, July 6, 2012


At 18:30 GMT, 05.07.44 Bletchley Park  received the following Ultra Intercept

Decryption Follows


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

1750 Panzer Lehr for NOVA

So I and a couple of crew members are going to be heading off to NOVA open to play in the late war tournament. This will be our first FOW tournie ever and we're all starting to get pretty excited about it. If you've read the blog at all you know I love my mechanized Germans. But I decided I wanted to try and go tank free in this one. Suicide you say?

Well, hopefully not. I've brewed up a list that I think should be able to handle both infantry and tanks lists and should be relatively solid on offence and defense.

On defense I feel the list can hold up well with it's large number of AT assets. Intersperse them with that tough as nails Lehr grenadier infantry and I've got a serious number of AT tubes facing down any incoming tanks.

On offense I can sit the less mobile PaK40's and 88's in the back near my objective while Grille's, Recon and Grens head towards the win.

I think the primary weakness here is AA, and while I'm a little worried about it, I do think the list should be able to handle any incoming strikes as either I'm moving to engage infantry or tanks are moving to engage me.

I'm very interested in folks opinion here, let me know what you think!

Monday, July 2, 2012

CrazyYank's Armored Rifle Platoon

Hey all, our newest contributor, CrazyYank, has been absolutely prolific this week. Today, he gives us the infantry side of his first painted up Armored Rifle Company platoon. He tells me the tracks will be coming shortly and I certainly look forward to seeing them.

When I get back from vacation we'll certainly have to throw down in a motorized v motorized clash of the titans!

CrazyYank told me he certainly wants to know what you all think, and that he's open to all tips and tactics to get better at painting the tiny lil blitzdoughs.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Winter Gepanzerte Panzergrenadiers

My tried and true line infantry; The Panzergreandier. What a great unit right? MG teams all around, in a panzergren list you get 4 fausts, and they're all mounted on a transport that sticks around and packs it's own MG. These guys always seem to be the champs in my games, there just in time for a critical counter attack or holding strong in dug in positions near an objective.

Honestly, mounted infantry is why I play. Tanks, and the whole WW2 history thing, brought me to the game but I stick around because the mounted infantry is just so cool. When I get around to put together my midwar army, it's going to be blitzdoughs. Maybe I just like painting transports, I don't know.

Here, we've got my first two platoons of paznergrenadiers, with their half tracks. They are, mostly, BF grenadiers with winter gear. Let me know what you think!

Also, if anyone has any solid ideas on how to get clear shots of single stands of troops let me know. Some of them turned out good, but I can't seem to get consistent results.

Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App
I couldn't seem to get a solid wide shot. But here we go for starters.