Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bat Rep is Back! Panzer Lehr Vs. Strelkovy 1750

Wait... That Can't Be Authentic...
So, we decided to take some time off from Bat Reps in the post Operation Sealion glow. But we're back! Today we bring you Throcks Panzer Lehr (that will perhaps be his NOVA Open list) vs. Rotny Vany'a Strelk's.

It was a hell of a battle. Short, bloody, and tons of learning along the way. Just the kind of thing we like here at Throck of War.

Sadly, my computer is liking the fine WWPD Bat Repper for some reason today. So we're just goin to wing it.

Mission: Hasty Attack
Points: 1750
Attacker: Dietrich Von Throckmorton's Panzer Lehr Panzergrenadiers
Defender: Rotny Vanya's Guards Strelkovy Battalion

The Lists (R= In reserve)
Panzergrenadier Lehr Kompanie
~Lehr Kompanie HQ: 1x Cmd Smg, 1x Cmdzerfuast, 2x Panzerschreck, 3x Track (2x Panzerschreck to Combat Plt 3)
~Combat Platoon 1: 1x Cmdzerfaust, 2x Tank Hunter, 4x Mg Team, 3x Tracks
~Combat Platoon 2: 1x Cmdzerfaust, 2x Tank Hunter, 4x MG Team, 3x Track
~(R)Combat Platoon 3: 1x Cmdzerfaust, 2x Tank Hunter, 4x MG Team, 3x Track
~Combat Platoon 4: Heavy Lehr Plt, 4x HMG 2x Track (2 HMG each to Combat PLT's 1 & 2)
~(R)Weapons Platoon 1: 2x PaK 40, 1x CMD
~(R)Div Support 1: 2x PaK 40, 1x CMD
~(R)Div Support 2: 3x Panzerwerfer42 With extra crew etc...
~Div Support 3: 4x 15cm sFH18 Howitzer etc...
~Div Support 4: 2x 8.8 FlaK36 with extra Crew etc...

Strelkovy Battalion (Guards)
~Strelk HQ: 2x Cmd Rifle, 1x Komissar
~Combat Company 1: 1x Cmd Rifle/MG, 1x Komissar, 14x Rifle/MG, 7x MG
~Combat Company 1: 1x Cmd Rifle/MG, 14x Rifle/MG, 7x SMG (Sadly no Kommissar)
~(R)Weapons Company: Strelk Scouts, 1x Cmd SMG, 2x SMG
~(R)Corps Support: Guards Heavy Assault 4x ISU-152
~(R)Corps Support: Guards Rockets 4x Katyusha, extra crew etc...
~Air Support: Limited Air Support: IL-2 Shturmovik

The Board

The German Left

The German Right

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The Russian Right

The Russian Center and Left
Half Tracks with the 2iC Advance within shooting distance of the Strelks on the German Left, hunting for the Kommisar.

Arty Takes out two stands

88's Hang Out, Being 88's

Sturmovick Heads in on the half tracks, but get shot down be the long ranged reach of the 88's, the rest of the Russians sit tight, keeping gone to ground. 
Germans get reserves and Throck decides to do a full court press on his left flank 
Half tracks advance, thinking of assaulting... They open up and take out a stand each side of the trees

They think hard about assault...

Pull back

The Sturmies target the German Arty on the Right, but get shot down by 88's... Again
Panzerwefer's and PaK 40's Show up 
Grenadiers advance, this time with back up from their 3rd Platoon reserves. 

Sneaky Git's wheeled around the trees and open up on the Strelk to pin while the arty shoots smoke (imagine it... we couldn't find the smoke markers :)

Grens assault!

Taking out 7 Stands

The Russians fail their morale to counter assault and the Kommissar fails to rally them!

Germans consolidate their position around the objective in the trees

Russian reserves fail to come in as the Sturmoviks come back to harass the Arty. 

The Strelk Company on the German Right begins to double time to the threatened objective. 

Hundreds of Russians book it past the church and farm. 

And leave the objective on the German Right open (it's hiding there behind the tree)

And the Sturmovicks strike home taking out two artillery pieces!
 Turn 4
The Germans open up on the under strength strelk company and the reserves rushing over from the other side of the board. You can't give up double the ROF... it's just too tempting! 
The Understrength Strelk company fails its morale check!

And retreat from the field. 

Leaving the Germans in sole control of the left objective

And the russians too far away to answer effectively. 

The bottom of 4 sees no reserves again for the Russians, and the decide to quit the field.

Result: 6-1 Victory to the Germans. 


  1. Nice report.

    A very bloody game for the Soviets!

  2. Intersting use of the casuaty markers