Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Throck of War Charity Tournament UPDATE

Hey All,

We're Full Up! Please drop me a line if you're interested in being an alternate. And now, officially, a qualifier for Nationals 2013! That's of course, if 5 people don't drop out between then and now :)

We're just a few weeks away from the first Throck of War charity tournament on August 18th. I've talked with Scott from NOVA open and we'll be using the NOVA Open mission primer and rules. This is a departure from the  original set up I was thinking of, but I think it's a good departure. We've got 10 players signed up right now and room for 16 total players. Once we hit 12 we'll be a 2 slot qualifier for nationals tournaments so drop us a line at to get signed up!

On the day, sign up and check in begins at 10:30 with first round starting promptly at 11. Please remember to bring enough copies of your list to give one to each of your opponents and one to your tournament organizer.

The Three missions will be as follows:
Round 1: Frontline Domination(for domination mission rules see here)
Round 2: Hasty Attack
Round 3: Fighting Withdrawal

All missions will be fought on a 4x5 space. The Tables at E&E are 5x5 and the depth of deployment that allowed would favor certain armies over others. This means there will be 6'' of free space behind your deployment zone for placing models, dice and other bits.

The tournament will be held at:
Eagle and Empire
Belle View Shopping Center1520 Belle View BoulevardAlexandria, VA 22307

Roster (As of 8/7)
1. Ben G. 
2. Rob K 
3. Allen
4. Will S.
5. Andy 
6. Sean O 
7. Sean S. (?) 
8. Ron M. 
9. Tim G. 
10. Mitch R. 

11. Craig
12. Bill W. 
13. Nathan L. 
14 Rod B. 
15. Richard D. 
16. Eric O. 


  1. I can't wait for the tourny. I hope I can get some more painting done before it.

    What about Justin? Is he interested?

  2. Haven't heard from him yet, but we're full! WEWT! (Honestly, I think Allen and Andy are the same guy :) So there's probably still room for him.

  3. Excellent tourney, lots of fun, thanks for putting it together...