Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Crazy Yank does Halftracks, US Style

Yes, but which half?
 Ahhh, the humble half track. Carrying blitzdoughs to and fro across the battlefield in open air, convertable style.

The M3 half track was a mainstay of US Armored Infantry during World War 2 and, like it's German cousin, couldn't take a hit from anything bigger than lights arms. However, also like it's German cousin, those MG's on top could really come in handy in a pinch!

Today, my beloved American master painter Crazy yank has provided us with some more eye candy. This time, it's battlefront's very own M3 half track minis which he's painting up for his armormed rifle company.

One of my favorite things about Yank's painting is the contrast he's able to get between light an dark. I should really ask him how he does it. The dirt on the tracks and treads also contrasts very well and pops out quite nicely on the table.

If you've got any questions or constructive criticism let us know! We're always looking to learn more.

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  1. Your main picture of the Halftrack is in fact an IHC M5 or M9 (Curved back corners and straight edges on mudguards) which shouldn't be in US markings as they were mainly a lend lease vehicle. The US prefered the M3 halftrack. Its a common thing amongst the European re-enactors that any halftrack is an American halftrack so it will do and mark them up in US markings makingthem a Historical Fictional vehicle.
    I do like youre mini's