Monday, July 23, 2012

Historicon Part 1

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Well, my internet has been down since Thursday so I do apologize for the loss of Throckie goodness these past few days. But boy howdy let me tell you they've not been without excitement. This weekend I got the opportunity to go to Historicon 2012. And what a blast it was!

This was my first ever historically focused con and I wasn't really sure what to expect. I have to say, the commitment folks in the historical gaming is truly impressive. My FLGS guys, Eagle and Empire, got their hands on the Wargaming Monthly siege of Sevastopol board which is simply beautiful along with running a simply HUGE Charge of the Light Brigade scenario, I think the board was over 18 feet long and a mega sized flames of war game. By which I mean the miniatures were simply huge.

Last, but most certainly not least, the FOW mid-war tournament! I've got tons of pics below on that as well as everything else I spied while I was there.

Of special note, I got to meet some of the WWPD crew! Steve, Luke and Jon are honestly a great group of guys and I highly recommend their blog and for all your Flames of War needs, well those needs I don't meet anyways :)

But you're really here for the pics and here they are!

No seriously, welcome

the greatest piece of cross genre nerd art ever created

SPACE! 1899, This game was freaking awesome. 

 Now, on to Mid-War national Photos. First off, the tables looked great! And of course so do the armies. Peruse on down for some excellent mid-war armies on the table.

Up next the Seige of Sevastopol done in beautiful miniature scale:

Eagle and Empire, my FLGS did a learn to play flames of war for the kids at the con. Instead of our teeny 15mm glory they used what I think is technically termed "Freaking Huge Scale" each dude here actually counts as a full stand of guys and each vehicle is still, I believe, just one vehicle.

Crazy Loon's personal favorite from the weekend: When zombies attack your cubicle farm!

I'll have bit more, mostly on all the cool stuff I picked up, in the next part of the post.

Again, thanks to the wonderful folks at the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society for putting on a great event!

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