Thursday, July 12, 2012

Case Waldgeist: Thoughts from the Commanders 4

+ + TOP SECRET + +

TO: Captain Jiří Sláma, Commanding Officer, 3rd Battalion, 1st Tank Brigade

FROM: Brig. General Ludvík Svodobda, Commander, I. Czechoslovak Army Corps

ORDERS: For Immediate Implementation in Operation Bílá Hora, CODE BLUE-SEVEN


Captain Sláma:

We are distressed by reports of losses at Burtonhole farm, but encouraged by your valiant efforts in the face of superior forces. You are to immediately link up with British and American elements to shore up the defense of the River Thames. The war will hinge on our successes—if London falls, so too do hopes of restoring our homeland to its rightful freedom. The Corps has been pressed hard in Ukraine, but after consultations with Marshal Konev I have been authorized to dispatch reinforcements for Operation Bílá Hora. We now have reports that troops from the 3rd Rifle Battalion of the 2nd Infantry Brigade (Otakar) have made a successful clandestine landing in Scotland, and will march to reinforce your positions within days. The Battalion’s Forward Scout Teams have already reported to Headquarters from the outskirts of London. Time is now of the essence, we cannot delay. Report immediately to Marshal Volkov.

The Vltava is Red. The Knights of Blanik stir in the Mountain. The Bear has Awoken. Feed him the Long Grain.

General Svoboda

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