Monday, July 2, 2012

CrazyYank's Armored Rifle Platoon

Hey all, our newest contributor, CrazyYank, has been absolutely prolific this week. Today, he gives us the infantry side of his first painted up Armored Rifle Company platoon. He tells me the tracks will be coming shortly and I certainly look forward to seeing them.

When I get back from vacation we'll certainly have to throw down in a motorized v motorized clash of the titans!

CrazyYank told me he certainly wants to know what you all think, and that he's open to all tips and tactics to get better at painting the tiny lil blitzdoughs.



  1. I messed up a little bit with the primer. I did it while it was a little too hot outside. It got a little fuzzy on me.

    Doesn't look too bad on the table though, just on closeups.

    1. Crazy Yank! I don't think you answered my earlier query! Still, you're thorough with your paint scheme! I think you criticise yourself a bit too much!

      Whoa! You're not 'Oddball' are you? Oh cripess!

      Stephen Farthing of Bristol, England.

    2. I'm sorry, what query was that?

      No, I don't think I'm Oddball.

    3. I posed the question " Are you a fan of Patton ?" CrazyYank! I'm aware that - historically - Patton was one of Montgommery's main reasons for reaching for the asprin! Since, Patton was the -EXACT- opposite to the British Army and Commonwealth Forces during the 2nd World War and could be - and was - erm! colourfully liberal and ripe with some of the language that he did - and would - use!

      As for the "Oddball" reference, that comes from "Kelly's Heroes" and I have - always - considered that warfilm as a lighthearted one, and the third funniest, next to "Operation Pettycoat" with Cary Grant and " The Whackiest Ship in the Army" with - oh confound it, who WAS the actor in that film, who was the most laidback naval officer in the USN, during WW2? Anyhow! That shows me, of being some age, don't it?

      I do know, that the character of the third film mentioned, chased his young exec, up the mast during a sailing regatta, some 8 years earlier of the date of the film. Due to: some unmentioned (As we'd say in Britain) muck up of some kind.

      Anyway: I also welcomed you to 'Operation Sealion' and may you give Field Marshall Rommel, considerable brainaches, as well. My way of saying " Welcome onboard!"

      Stephen Farthing - again - of Bristol, England