Tuesday, July 3, 2012

1750 Panzer Lehr for NOVA

So I and a couple of crew members are going to be heading off to NOVA open to play in the late war tournament. This will be our first FOW tournie ever and we're all starting to get pretty excited about it. If you've read the blog at all you know I love my mechanized Germans. But I decided I wanted to try and go tank free in this one. Suicide you say?

Well, hopefully not. I've brewed up a list that I think should be able to handle both infantry and tanks lists and should be relatively solid on offence and defense.

On defense I feel the list can hold up well with it's large number of AT assets. Intersperse them with that tough as nails Lehr grenadier infantry and I've got a serious number of AT tubes facing down any incoming tanks.

On offense I can sit the less mobile PaK40's and 88's in the back near my objective while Grille's, Recon and Grens head towards the win.

I think the primary weakness here is AA, and while I'm a little worried about it, I do think the list should be able to handle any incoming strikes as either I'm moving to engage infantry or tanks are moving to engage me.

I'm very interested in folks opinion here, let me know what you think!

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