Thursday, July 18, 2013

Round 3, win!

OP  Sherman makes the winning kill against a jadgtiger on turn 6! That was epic. (check the last picture)

Well we did it. We went 3 and 0, last round was fighting withdrawal work is on the attack and captured the 2 outside objectives both on turn 6.

We won 4-3 as Ben  couldn't seem to keep his poor little Stuarts alive vs. a jadgtiger and 4 Pak 50's.

They were running a jadgtiger and 2 sturmtigers and a mix of fearless and reluctant infantry.

Attackers must be aggressive in this scenario so we charged right up and the game went our way.

Best part is we played two really great guys Jessie and the dude who makes all the terrain for the store we love up in Philly. Well and gentlemanly played good sirs.

I don't think 14.9 will put us at the top of the table but it was a fun tourney and I'll let you all know how we did.

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