Saturday, July 20, 2013

Last round!

Ok I lost 5-2 in free for all against Romanians.  I didn't really feel like sitting back and drawing the tie like you can easily do.  And me and my partner were both middle of the board so wet agreed on just having some fun. 

I just happened to be on the short end of the fun. :)

I had a great time at the tournament. And blogging for the 5 of you that read this.  I'll be posting a bit more tomorrow and then it's vacation time.

Bruce and the Battlefront crew run a great tourney and kudos to them for hosting an excellent shindig.


  1. His name wouldn't have been Matt would it? Aussie fellow, probably hungover?

  2. Hell ya! He was a great guy and put up with me groggy as hell, forgetting rules and generally fumbling around the table like a noob.

  3. Heh, Matt's an alright bloke indeed. :)

    Thanks for sharing your exploits sir, has been fun following along.

  4. Stealing the tag line "Conventioneering"