Sunday, July 7, 2013

Assault on Sword Beach

Couple of quick bat reps for you today.

First up, an assault on Sword Beach where British Commando's seek to link up with glider and para troops operating around the Orne river area.

I'm running a 1780 point festungskompanie and Ben is running a 1780 beaches commando list.

Much thanks to our local FLGS for helping out with terrain. Sadly, we had no thing to work as a beach so we just went with blue felt. It's a little jerry rigged but it'll do.

This was a 9 turn fight. Long and bloody, instead of going blow by blow I've decided to make it a bit quicker. Focusing on key points of action instead of every roll, every move and every turn.

The Board, we're running a breakthrough mission (in retrospect I think this was a poor choice for a beach landing mission, but whaddya gonna do?)

German's mighty deployment

British step off the boats and onto the beach!
 More after the break!

British start moving up

With the support of heavy naval gun fire

Germans open up and start to take their toll

AVRE's move up and start to pour fire in to the German Left

Taking out an HMG nest

While, in the center, under withering fire, the brits head up to the PaK 40 bunker 

Glider troops sneak onto the board from the rear on Turn three

And the AVRE's on the German right destroy the command bunker!

And reduce the supporting teams

Inexorably, the British push ashore

Assaulting the Pak40 bunker in the Center

And destroying it!

Brits rush up to the barbed wire and trenches on the German right

And left

As the glider troops continue sneaking up the hill

The Brits assault the main line of resistance on the German right!

And are gutted

The brits continue the assault both infront of and to the rear of the German right, but the grenadiers push off both assaults. 

Sadly (for me) they are unable to destroy the Glider Platoon and cannot secure the rear objective in time to stave off a loss. 

Brits win, 4-3

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