Sunday, July 7, 2013

Giant stupid Hold Until Relieved Fight

This July 4th a few friends and I got together and do a reprise of one of those huge battles, like we did last year with overlord.

This time around we went with 4,000 points or so a side. We Germans are running 21. Panzer Div and Panzer Lehr while the Allies, joining up in this scenario to try to break through German Defenses where Omaha and Gold beaches meet, will be running a 1st ID Assault Company and a British Rifle company.

The Allies took a whopping 36 guns, which I think might be all of the guns, including full on Naval Gun support with rerolling hits and all that goodness. It hurt, it hurt real bad. Read on to check out what happened!

We ran hold until relieved, where they get everything and I get half my stuff in reserves. We had limited time to play so we went fast, but I did get some good snaps. Just like the previous report I decided to go with the action instead of the play by play. So here we go.

German Deployment

British Deployment, SO MANY DUDES

I mean... It's just a lot of guys. I fear

For some reason they decided to put all their reccee in the center (and that is indeed bocage)
 More after the break!

Recce starts flat heading down the highway

And Typhoon's start to become the bane of German existance

As the brits begin to slowly step off on the Allied Left, navigating the bocage will take some time. 

Typhoon scores to Schleppers

But German arty strikes back and scores multiple kills on the reccee elements in the center

American and British arty focus fire on the Nebelwerfers

Forcing them from the field

While the recce spreads out

And the Typhoon hunts for new blood

Americans rush up on 21. PZD forward positions

As part of a general advance

Assault into the trees

And sweep the Germans away

Panzer IV's appear in the backfield

With their big brothers, 2 King Tigers

The british set up on the left to hop the bocage

And the American's with some brit support continue to press ahead

Naval Arty houses the PZ IV's before they can even fire a shot

As the American's try to repeat their assault succes

But fail to get stuck in

Another American platoon moves in

And between defensive fire, and then full, unpinned MG fire the next turn most American platoons get gutted. 

But both British and American arty start to soften up the position for assault

As the Brits and Americans consolidate for a final assault

Puma's and 39 H's post up across from the primary british axis of attack in order to hold off the oncoming hordes. 

5 vehicles against the balance of British Forces

And another boat section begins to scurry down the center road

The Joint allied forces on the Allied left, now reformed and with the support of some nasty Priest's begins to move forward to take the objective

The American's go in first

Taking a ton casualties and doing much the same in return, but the Germans hold!

Two more assaults come in and the rememants fo the German's hold them off. But with the Priests just off screen their hold was short lived. 
Before we could play out the inevitable end of the game we had to clean up and head out. But! We decided to call it a 4-3 Allied win as they would clearly have taken the day given another turn or two.


  1. Epic game. Great stuff.

  2. Those Germans clearly didn't know what they were doing. Gah!