Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Historicon Top Pics

H-Con is done and I'm still hungover.

But, I put my carcass into drive and cut 1200 pics from the weekend down to the top 30 or so. We've got Steve's last News From the Front podcast, army pics galore and all sorts of other bits.

Come on in and enjoy the pics.

We start with the Tale of the Suicide Chaffee's:

Round 2 of the double tournament, Ben and I face off against KV-88's, IS-2's and a horde of tiny little Russian tanks. Knowing there was know way we could take out the big boys from the front and only sporting 3 Priests for arty support I decided to go insane. Noticing that one of our opponents had to double time the IS-2 platoon command to get up to the rest of the platoon I zoom a platoon of Chaffee's around the flank, assuming that I'd loose the platoon, but knowing his was way more valuable I decided the trade was worth it.  

I kill 1 and bail 2.

Next turn he kills 2 of those plucky little light tanks then I take out another of his IS-2's. 

I take out a 3rd and he does the same. He's down to 1 tank and I'm down to just one and a bailed. His fearless dudes fail their morale check and run off the board. VICTORY! 

More after the break

One of those gorgeous I-95 tables

Because who doesn't want to play on an airfield with Stuka's?

Luke and Steve from WWPD looking awkward. 

Team tournament gets started. I don't think that guy likes that I'm taking a picture of him :)

Command Chaffee survey's the field. 

Team Chaffee ready to rock

OP Sherman engages a Jagdtiger at short range and takes him out!

Gorgeous 21st PZ Div Board

More of the board and army. 

D-Day invasion display board

Including some sweet "get off the boat!" shots. 

Killing Otto Karius with a tank hunter team.... That's how you win 7-0

Terrifying Muscovy Duck we happened upon while getting dinner. We decided to call him "Darth Duck"

Civil war river battle in 28mm. 

Union steam ships make it ashore

Wargames Illustrated's Little Round Top board from the rebel side. 

Little Round Top from the Union Side. Is that Colonel Strong Vincent?

Play Mistake by Yours Truly: AOP + 16 british guns equals quite a mess. 

In Ben and I's epic round 4 Nationals fight it came down to 1 assault. Can the Pioneer HQ team and Panzerschreck Team push the Churchill's off the objective?


Someone else holding one of my objectives :)

Recognize those models?

How about these Helo's?

That's right, Scott (Piperider on the Forums) and Steve from WWPD showcased some Vietnam while the rest of us were fighting 30 years earlier. 

John Desch's fabulous looking Americans. 

This guy won best single model at the WI painting competition. 

WWPD Podcast! Steve's last hurrah with Judson, Dirty John and Luke. 

Pro Tip: When podcasting, DRINK.

I'm pretty sure that floating island is moving towards the looker in the white shorts. 


  1. Great pictures. I really enjoyed being there!

  2. Looks like a great time. Down here in NZ we can only envy how cool Historicon is.