Sunday, August 26, 2012

Stuka Pt 2. or, Wow do I hate this model. (Rant Warning)

I'm going to be short and sweet here. Painting this model made my soul hurt.
No, worse than that. It made painting this:

Feel like I was painting like this:

Me, circa 1989

Feel my shame. Stare it in the face. 
This is, undoubtedly the least fun I've ever had painting a BF model. And here's why: The details were just, completely awful. I can only conclude that Battlefront Hates Airplanes. I really have no other reason to understand why they would choose to build a model the way they did. So. Much. Hate. It fills my soul and keeps me warm.

Anyways. here are the pics, based off of Hubert Polz's Stuka squadron from early to mid Africa, made famous by the snakes they painted on their airplanes:

Read on for more images


  1. Lolz.
    Well, at least you only had to paint one of them!

  2. Having just done a thunderbolt I feel your pain.

  3. It looks really good though.

  4. I think you pulled it off well.

    I personally use Axis and Allies Angles 20 planes for my air support.

  5. Thank's for the love guys.
    @Sin: Yeah, were this 2nd edition I wouldn't have done it. At all.
    @Kiwi: Virtual drinks will be shared
    @Ben: Thanks!
    @Adam: I've thought about using the Angles 20 stuff, are you a fan? I've also thought about the Wing of War/Glory stuff.

    1. Love the snake Paint job on the Stuka! I don't have too much experience with BF planes, but the A20 (Angels 20) planes are decent. They might be a little big for FoW though (1/100 vs 1/144). If you're just playing friendly games with the A20 planes you should be okay, but I don't know about trying to bring them to a tournament or competitive play. There was a second set of A20 released earlier this year which included both a Stuka and a Sturmovik.

  6. I just picked up a Zvezda Stuka for $4 to compare it to Battlefront's and while a bit inferior as a model it is 100% usable in FOW. Now if I could just find the ambition to try to paint it up like you did, I'd be in good shape.