Monday, August 6, 2012

American TD's by Crazy Yank and a TD rant

Wait... not that kind of Wolverine. 
The man is a machine. He just can't stop painting! Today, Crazy Yank, our intrepid American player has delivered a bevy of tank killing goodness. As part of his BG&G armored rifles he's painted up the security section and M-10's for his tank destroyer platoon.

Here, Yank used the M10 Tank Destroyer Platoon from Battlefront and the TD Security Section from the same.

<rant begins>
I know there's been a ton of discussion around the intarwebz about the TD Company but honestly, while I think it's very very good it's not unbeatable and, sure, it will wreak havoc with tank companies if they're not deployed carefully and don't use recce options. But, infantry and mech infantry have less to worry about right?

Those TD's can scoot up into my DZ all day long but they'll be facing an infantry assault vs. top armor 0. What I'm saying folks is this, yes the TD Co or just TD platoons are scary, and definitely deadly in the right hands. But I think they're not game breaking, just a cool new (well, not so new now I guess) army we have to think about.

When I build a list I think "What can I solve for? What threats are highest risk? And how do I meet the game objectives on my terms?" Tank Destroyers in full company, or just platoon form, are another threat, and depending on the list I'm building pose a variable degree of threat.

Plus, the models look freaking cool

Remember, it's not that TD's are off the table, they're just hiding behind things, like bushes or hay bails, or perhaps other TD's.... 

See? It's just a harmless little Jeep

Trucking along

Enjoying a nice afternoon

With his M20 Utility Buddies

Perhaps they're going on a pic nick or something. 

Nothing to see here... 

4 lightly armored speedy death dealers? 

Ready to put some hurt on 'ole Fritzy

My snarky captioning is starting to run out of steam here....

My, that's a large gun you have?

And quite a healthy ammo "rack"... 

This is just getting silly, I'm going to let you fine readers gaze on in peace. 

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