Friday, August 24, 2012

Totally Jazzed for the new Open Fire Set (Updated)

So if you haven't been over to the Flames of War website yet since yesterday, do so.

They've got a pretty excellent teaser of the of the new Open Fire starter set.

Now I can't find a cost anywhere but all in all the set looks pretty darn cool.

Update: Wayland Games has this up on their website for 50 Pounds UK, or about 80 bucks here in the US. (thanks to the WWPD forums for the tip!)

Here's what you get:

A starter German Grenadierkompanie (Heer) from the V3 Fow Army Book which I pointed out to around 810 points as:

That's not a bad starter german list at all. And the models on the site look great! (I'm posting them below as well)

Well, I'm less enthused about that. I've always wanted a billion shermans... No really, they're totally quality in their pre-BG&G form *headdesk*. I know the points look like they're skewed in the Allies favor here but really?

Updated: My partner in crime Rotny makes a good point. You can build a similar list to the Hell's Highway one out of V3 FOW List Book for 870 points if you give all the tanks .50 cals (never a bad option). Thanks!

I think to equal players would see the Germans win out.

You'll also be getting a sweet looking V-1 rocket set, 20 dice, the rule book and *GASP* Terrain! I HEART terrain. Really, I know it's made out of cardboard, but I can always use more terrain. Yeah, I'll have two and sell the tanks, thanks!

Stolen from
Seriously, if anyone wants the StuG's, Sherman's, or Firefly's let me know. I have like no use for them.

And I gotta say, the back of the box says "finely detailed models" and at least for the infantry that absolutely seems to be the case. These guys look awesome in the pics I've seen so far. Have a look:
GAH! So cool! (Stolen from the wwpd forums)

I mean, those look straight up awesome. (All images from this point forward blatantly stolen from, I mean I didn't even try and hide it...

All images except one blatantly stolen from

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