Thursday, May 24, 2012

While I'm Away

So, maybe starting the blog three days before I leave on a week long trip to San Francisco wasn't the best idea ever. But, while I'm out here on the left coast, away from my minis, my gamers and my painting I thought I'd share with you some of my previous (mostly pre-FOW) painting. Always, when ever I post painted goodies, please feel free to give constructive criticism. So, without further ado, a picture show:

A finished storm strider from Cygnar. Stupid PP didn't give me the crew (grumble grumble)

My winter themed German Tanks and Panzer Grens.

More after the break!

Dark Eldar Talos Pain Engine from my DC Themed Cult of the Cherry Blossom army.

A raider from the same army.

FIRE BELLY! Love this Fig.

Lukas the Trickster, another of my favorite GW models.

Team Stormblade (I have many storm nouns)

Gobbers! (i'm told they fix things)

Surly old Madrak

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  1. Nice work on the PSC tankie-tanks!
    I luvs me some Panzer IV's.