Saturday, May 19, 2012

Initial Thoughts on Throck of War

Alright, so now that I've got this thing up and running and a Bat Rep out of the way let me do a little bit more of an introduction.

Hi! I'm Throckmorton. I've been doing the miniature gaming thing for quite a long time, since 40k 2nd edition infact, which makes me old. Recently I've moved away from the Citadel/Games Workshop games and moved into what I like to think are greener pastures. Now, don't get me wrong, I'll still throw down some dice for 40K, Fantasy, BFG and War of the Rings but those systems have started to irk me more and more recently.

So I started to look around for something new to get my painting and gaming fix with. I landed, for some time on Warmahordes where I play Cygnar, Trollbloods and Mercenaries. And it's a good game, lots of interesting abilities and funky combos. But, when I started going to this new store I saw all these folks playing with WW2 miniatures. Now, I grew up on a healthy diet of WW2 movies, museums and books so, needless to say, my nerd-o-meter hit 12.

Flames of War was love at first dice roll. The scale felt right for WW2, the miniatures look great (I like the over large heads and mis sized gear, it gives the models the opportunity to pop on the table), and the rules are good. Sure they have their flaws like other games but all in all, there some of the best I've played with.

Three months later here I am with a full, and almost fully painted, Gepanzerte Panzer Grenadier army and enough extras to run either a Panzer or Scwhere panzer company from the Grey Wolf book. As the blog rolls on, if I can keep up with it, you'll see bat reps between me and my friends (and maybe some from Historicon and NOVA Open), painting, terrain building and other general thoughts on the game.

As I'm still a fan of the PP and GW games I'm sure they'll creep in on occasion as well so keep an eye for those.

Finally, if anyone has some helpful tips to get my first post fixed up, I'm an HTML newb and it would be much appreciated.

Thanks, I look forward to blogging as much as I hope you all look forward to reading.


  1. Awesome. A great start so more of the same will be awesome.

    1. Hey thanks man! We're hoping to keep up the pace as we move forward and add more contributors.

    2. I've just caught your intro! A bit late, but better than not at all! I'm not new to contributing some thoughts but threw into Operation Sealion with the 417th Finnishgruppen - a what if the Finns had that kind of force, much like the large Kampfengruppens the Germans had - notion - and of course the Black Watch with Shermans, Fireflies and Stuarts and also - another what if: with Tank Destroyer Companies of M18/3" Hellcats ( A work in progress, I should add and a LONG way before being fully operational!) - Broadsword and Claymore companies are not fully operational YET ( I hear a " Phew! Thank goodness for that!" from you, old chap) but they will be, and will play a solid part in future ops - Particularly: In the Ardennes in Dec 1944!On the North side of the bulge! ( Not talking of old Herman's stomach!)

      I've another work started, and you've heard whispers of the Kampfengruppen Tottenhauffen! So far these consist of one captured AEC3 armoured car, two Sd/kzf 231 (6-mars) a Horch Kfz 15 truck and two Stug G's. But that's a LONG way from being done but is intended for Arnhem in the Netherlands arround 17 to 26th Sept 1944. And Yes, Throck, there IS a D.Day version of Graebner and Tottenhauffen coming to Blows in Normandy. Over which of the Armoured Cars, they should have - Settled by - WHO else? Rommel of course ! - I'm sure you've read it and nearly fell off your seat in front of the computer in hysterical laughter! That is, the Sea-Lion version, the Normandy Version is -JUST- as entertaining..! AND as funny..

      There it is! That does it! All best, old chap!
      All the best!
      Stephen Farthing of Bristol