Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Big Update, and a Big Reveal

Well hey there. You might have noticed that the blog has gone dark for a little while. While I do apologize for a startling lack of content here on ThrockOfWar, it's for a very very good reason.

As many of you know I'm now contributing over at that cornerstone of the Flames of War community, WWPD. And now, on top of that, I've taken on some of the editorial duties for the blog as well. This is a huge deal for my nerdly soul. WWPD is an amazing and special online community and one I'm proud to be taking an active part in.

I had to make a hard choice though. Did I want to split my time between my own blog here doing reviews and bat rep's and all that and then doing much the same thing over at WWPD, PLUS editing everyone else's content?

That, my friends, would be both time consuming and silly as I'd essentially be splitting my "regular" content between two venues.

So, and here's the big reveal, I will no longer be doing AAR's, reviews or other standard Flames content on Throck of War. I've loved writing here over the past year and a half and it's because of the folks who have read and took notice of this blog that I now have the incredible opportunity to work with Jon, Luke, Eric, SonBae and the rest of the WWPD Crew.

The lawyers out there may have noticed that I said "standard Flames content." Likely, I'll be posting up reps for other games, and more generic painting stuff randomly.

However, I have one special project for Flames I've been working on for a few months and I'm getting very close to the actual writing stages.

Over the next few months I will be writing: The Battling Bastards of Bataan, a fan supplement for Flames of War Mid-war play covering the Japanese conquest of the Philippines from 8 January, 1941 through 9 April, 1942.

The supplement will include, at the least:
~US Philippine Division
~26th Cavalry Regiment (PS)
~21st Division (PA)
~57th Infantry Division (PS)
~Provisional Tank Group
~4th Marine Regiment
~Provisional Infantry Unit (pilots, sailors etc...)

~Engineer Company
~48th Infantry Division
~16th Infantry Division
~65th Infantry Regiment
~7th Tank Regiment
~SNLF, Combined Naval Landing Force

The Briefing will be set up into a couple of phases:
~Initial Landings and the Taking of Manila: Which will include the last charge of a US Cavalry Unit on horse, will feature the SNLF and heroic holding actions by the 3rd Battalion, 21st Division (PA)

~Bataan: Including the Mt Natib and Orion-Bagac line actions, featuring the Philippine Division, the now mechanized 26th Cav, the Provisional Tank Group and the vaunted IJA 48th Infantry Division. This will also feature an interesting little action called the Battle of the Points where untrained pilots, sailors and cooks led by Marine Sargents held off an abortive flanking attempt by Japanese units until help could arrive.

~Taking the Rock: The invasion of Corregidor, featuring the 4th Marine Division (with a little help from their provisional and coastal artillery friends), 65th IJA Infantry Regiment, Engineer Company and the 7th Tank regiment.

Well that was a lot. I hope I've whetted your appetite for things to come.

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  1. What a cool project. Looking forward to reading that in the future.