Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Desert Rats in Normandy

Over the weekend I got to head to my second NOVA open. And, much like the first, it was a total blast.

More awesome? I won best painted with my RV Desert Rats Cromwell Army. I got a full new set of Windsor Newton brushes and a nice plaque among other cool prizes.

So, I thought I'd show the army off here.


More after the break!

1st Platoon:

2nd Platoon:

Staghound Recce Element

Crusader AA:

Stewart's And Jalopy Recce Element:

Breaching Group, Crab Flail Element:

Breaching Group, Churchill AVRE Elements:

Lucifer & Lynx

Lenore & Lancer
 25 Pdr. Artillery


  1. Nice work, worthy of an award for sure! I really like how you off-set the 25 pounder guns on the bases. It makes a lot more room to arrange the crew in more interesting ways.

  2. Very nice. Lots of nice little arrangement of models and small conversions. A very coherent looking force.

  3. Nice company, the Cromwell's are very cool. I love the hedgerow cutters.

  4. Nice looking force there.One minor point the Crusader AA and Stuarts,Sqn sign would be a Diamond,as they come from the Regimental HQ in the same colour as the Cromwell plts and HQ :)

  5. Those are fantastic! Now vere are ze battle reports! Schnell!

  6. They look great in the pictures and even better in person I had the chance to see them at NOVA Open also, Congrats.

  7. Thanks all! Lap, you're right, but I didn't want to free hand diamonds :) Though I might go back over and noramlize the color between the units so it's accurate. AFAIK BF doesn't have Diamond Tac signs (maybe in mid war?) on their decal sheets.

    I know I'm doing less posting here now but I'm helping out the WWPD.net to team keep the content going now that Steve is gone. I'll be writing up a blog post on the how's, why's and what to expect to see here soon. But WWPD is such a key part of the community I feel like I owe it to them to help out and keep the content flowing!

    I do have plans though... muahahahaha

    1. Just another quick one,the Armoured Cars should be marked up as ,the Canadian 12th Manitoba Dragoons,as they were the only ones to use Staghounds in AC plts.