Monday, April 22, 2013

Market Garden Madness!

Yesterday my friends at Eagle & Empire (now with facebook page!) in Alexandria, VA hosted a massive Operation Market Garden refight.

Sadly, I didn't get to play due to some other obligations. But I did get to drop by and take a peak, and some photos, of the action

It looked like everyone was having a blast, and got to put tons of toys on the table. Including an incredible 14 .88's!

That's huge. Some one is going to catch those full in the face! 

Here, have some pics!

It all started one sunny afternoon...

WAAAAY more after the break

So. Many. 88's. 

And they're crewed by Smurfs!

Here come the wagon train!

When in doubt, call in the redlegs. ALL of the redlegs. 

Worst drivers ever.

Little, Blue, Deadly.

The optimism of this column is amazing. 

88's take their toll. 

Bridge. Too far? Or just right?

Up the action red devils!

My that's a long barrel you have there. 

Predictable results when coming up against smurf crewed 88's. 

When in doubt, call in the smoke and let the para's kill 'em!

Just 3 apples tall and full of death. 

I wondered the whole time why the US para's were all the way up front and the poor brits got left behind. 

Yeah... Still Stuck... 


  1. The only scenario where bumper to bumper tanks is historically accurate. Hahaha.

    Nice to see the 11th AD cromwells too.

    Awesome looking game and table. Must have been a lot of fun.

  2. Impressive scale of undertaking

  3. It was 2 10x5 tables. I think there was about 15k of points hanging out there.