Saturday, April 13, 2013

Infinity. Yes, Infinity

Cause... It's Infinite I guess?
Third one down! So, one of my gamer homies has been preaching the gospel of Infinity as the bestest most awesomest skirmish game that ever happened to a table top. Now, I'll admit, my first experience with the game was less than optimal. In fact, it was so bad I thought I'd never come back to it.

However, the models are sweet and you only need 10 to 15 of them and the rules are free. So I said what the hell and had him run me through a second learn to play. This time around I liked it. I liked it at least enough to pick up some models to round out the ones I bought originally and start putting paint to lead.

That, by the way, is a monkfish.
Now, if you don't know anything about Infinity it's set about 175 years in the future, we've found wormholes and many countries have come together to form just a few human factions. America, I think because this game was written by Europeans  sucks and plays very little of a role so far (like 5 models for one of the factions). I kind of think of it like Shadowrun the miniatures game in space with your crew going up against the other guys crew, and then the aliens attack. Stupid aliens. So now you've got the human factions fighting each other and the aliens.

I won't go in depth in to the rules today (cause I'm tired and it totally deserves an article of it's own) but for a quick break down: The thing that makes this game unique is that even on the acting players turn the other player gets a chance to react to moves. Like if one of my guys saunters around the corner, your dude gets a chance to take a pot shot at him. The other thing that's a bit different is that, instead of activating each unit once, you get a pool of orders equal to the number of units you have and you can (pretty much) distribute them how you like. Thus, one dude could end up acting 5 or more times in a turn if you so choose.

The faction I'm starting with is Haqqislam. A humanist, focused greater islamic state that acts in some ways like the bio-technological backbone and mercantile powerhouse of the human space territories. They've got some sweet models (most of the factions have amazing models actually, except for nomads, I just don't get them at all) and the great thing about the game is that you can pretty much choose the models you like and build an effective army out of them. The mantra on the Infinity message boards is "It's not your list, it's you" an attitude I admire.

Now, I've only knocked out 2 models so far. But because of the level of detail on these guys it feels like an achievement. So here they are!

An Odalesque, essentially beautiful bodyguards wearing special makeup that makes them hard to hit in close combat... The Future is weird... But it kind of turns me on.

More after the break!

A Djzanban with a heavy HMG. Essentially a power armored dude hopped up on drugs and all angry.


  1. That first game was my bad :P

    I told Ben (CrazedLoon) I'm not good at giving intro games, and Infinity already has a steep enough learning curve to get into it (about equivalent to Demon Souls). One of those games where you die a few times in the beginning, but each time you do a little bit better, and then it finally clicks and all makes sense.

    When we both had started, we got massacred at our first tournament at G&S. But, we learned a lot from it and ended up placing among the top players at the Nova Open a couple weeks later. The big highlight for Infinity: we accomplished that with very little change to our lists. Mostly, just a refinement of the tactics we were using in-game.

    Anyways, Glad to see you're giving Infinity another shot.

    Also, queue shameless plug of my blog:

  2. no hard feelings at all. Its an amazingly complex game with a wicked steep learning curve. I accidentally did the same thing once in a FoW learn to play and its only about half as complicated.

    I keep meaning to add you're blog to my blog roll. I'll do it the next time I'm in front of my computer.

  3. Played my first game of it recently, it's fantastic

  4. It is an amusing game to play casually. We'll have to get a game in one day!

  5. Iz totally the greatest game ever.
    Nice Haqq, btw.

    1. Nice work on those models! Hope we can game sometime.