Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bolt Action Bat Rep: Rangers Vs. SS (Noobtastic!)

Today, we re-enter the NEWB ZONE as I am very excited to bring to you our first attempt at a Bolt Action Bat Rep. Me, and new Throck of Warfighter (and very old friend) Amok decided to throw down 750 points of SS vs. Rangers and just fight over victory points to test out the rules and the feel of the game. Bolt Action seems fun, and is certainly a lighter lift than Flames. But, after a couple of reads through the rule I'm a little worried about the abstraction of the rules.

For the uninitiated, Bolt Action is all about the "reinforced platoon" as its basic unit. That means a solid core of a couple of squads of PBI (with about 5 to 15 dudes each) with an HQ and then support elements like a tank, machine guns, mortars, armored cars etc...

For each list you pretty much need to buy an HQ (1 to 3 dudes) and the two squads of grunts and then add on whatever else your army list allows (although, no more than 1 tank per platoon). There are all sorts of ways to pimp your basic guys such as giving them SMG's, Panzerfausts, Assault Rifles etc... Also, with the new German Army book the level of vehicles to choose from runs the gamut from early war to late. I'm looking forward to the rest of the army books to get everyone on an even footing. The good news there is there isn't that long to wait. The new Wargames Illustrated has these coming out every two months between now and November 2013 with the Americans in January and the Brits in March.

I feel very much like this when ever I open a new rule set.
To be honest, I love painting in 28mm and so that is the biggest draw for me for Bolt Action. That, and you get big tanks, much bigger than their 15mm equivalent. There is something cool about pushing that Sherman or Puma around the field on the 1/48 scale.

Another great bit about the 28mm form of the hobby is that there are so many great companies making excellent mini's for the WW2 period. The BoltAction.Net forums have a good list to get you started. But today's bat rep features a Puma by Italeri, SS by Victory Force and Warlord Games and Rangers and Shermans also by Warlord.

For this first game I'll be playing the SS (why do I always get stuck with the Bosche?) and Amok will be handling the 2nd Rangers with Sherman support.

Lastly, apologies for the unpainted-ness of the models. I'm working diligently on getting both armies painted up (in fact, since this bat rep was photographed the rangers are now almost half done and the Sherman is nearly complete!) So without any more ado, the Bat Rep!

Veteran HQ with 2 extra Guys
SS Squad x10  with 2 LMG, 4 Assault Rifles
SS Squad x10 with 1 LMG, 4 Assault Rifles and 2 Fausts
Veteran Light Mortar
Veteran Puma

2nd Rangers
Veteran HQ with 2 extra grunts
Ranger Squad x12 with 5 SMG's 1x BAR
Ranger Squad x10 with 3 SMG's 2x BAR
M4A3 Sherman (Regular)

The Board, and yeah I know we need some real buildings, but it's a start! 

The SS platoon with two LMG's moves on to the board behind the tree stand

The Rangers head into the ruined grain silo

As the Sherman moves to support their right

And opens up on the SS at range

Scoring a kill and adding a pin marker

The other Ranger platoon gets on the table and posts up in the trees left of their comrades. 

And the second SS platoon (with the Fausts) heads up to face the Sherman

The Amazingly evil looking US HQ team moves on on the American Left

And the german Mortars take cover in the trees

As the German HQ team heads over to give encouragement to the SS facing the Sherman

Finally, the Puma moves on, putting terrain between itself and the Sherman

The Mortars are ordered to open up on the Rangers facing them and, of course, miss

As the SS gunning for the Sherman head into the woods

The Sherman opens up it's machine guns again, this time doing no damage

But the Right SS team scoots into the tree's and opens up on the Rangers across the road

Scoring 1 kill and adding a pin marker

The rangers respond aggressively, moving up and opening fire themselves. 

The BAR in the silo attempts to reach out and touch some Tank Hungint SS, but fails to score a hit

The terrible trio scoots up, urging their troops on 

And the Puma takes a shot at the Sherman, predictably, nothing happens

And the SS on the German left set up a strong point in the trees

The Sherman keeps shooting to no effect

But the Rangers up the action and take the road, opening fire on their opposite number

Scoring two kills!

The Panzerfausts take their chance! Of course, only one hits and he rolls a freaking 1 for damage...  Hate.

The Puma gives it a shot as well, doing just about as much as the Fausts. 

The SS facing the agressive rangers shoot back

Scoring two kills of their own!

The Mortars do their regular thing and miss

The boys in the silo move up to get some more shots off

And the terrible trio reaps the souls of the fallen rangers urging them on with eldrictch speed... wait.. what?

The rangers score another hit on the germans

The Sherman piles the markers on the left SS unit taking out another soldier 

The germans fire back, taking out all but three of the advancing americans, but those yanks make their morale and stick around

The silo boys lay fire into the left SS squad killing another and adding a 3rd pin marker

The puma flails around uselessly

The mortars run from the oncoming assault

Wide angle of the carnage shows the evil HQ trio sneaking away like cowards from the flagging Ranger platoon.

The rangers Assault! Killing 1

The SS fights back! Killing off the Rangers

And then advancing to the edge of the trees. 

The well defended rangers in the silo try to do more damage to the remnants of the SS platoon

The Puma moves around the trees to try and get a better shot on the Sherman and...

Scores a hit! Forcing the sherman to go down and take two pin markers

The sherman shakes off one of the pin markers and chews up a couple of SS from the German Left

While the Mortar's move up to try and get a shot on the Silo

The Puma goes back to it's old ways, and misses the Sherman... again

The pinned krauts suffer the same fate trying to engage the Rangers in the Silo

And the now short platoon on the german right pursues the terrible trio

The Sherman just lays into the SS killing 2 more and forcing a morale check

Which, of course, they fail

And bolt

The Puma takes one more shot and misses

and the rangers in the silo take out one more kraut

Before the game ends on turn 6, a 1 to 1 tie. 

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