Monday, September 3, 2012

NOVA Open Recap, Thursday

Wrong year, but I needed a logo....
(First a note: 10,000 page visits in 3 months! WEWT! My deepest thanks to everyone who has been reading and let's shoot 10,000 more by December! ~Throck)

Well hey all. So the next couple of posts are going to cover NOVA open, first here is going to be the pre Late War tourney stuff. Today is just going to be Thursday, because, it turns out I took a TON of pics, which is directly proportionate to how much much the weekend was.

And wow, was fun had. I got the chance to hand out and drink heavily with the illustrious Steven of WWPD fame, Scott our tourney organizer and owner of the Itty Bitty Soldiers Blog and Tom of WWPD and Building a Better Wargame. And I must tell you, shenanigans were had.

Let's just say that ain't just diet Coke. Also, props to Steven
on the MacGyver stir stick. 

First I give you a word: 
Vagilyons (vag-eye-lons)
That's for you Scott.

Nuff Said

Second, after the break, I give you Photo dump of an Early War game played by Tom and Steven with Steven playing the Russians out of Wargaming Monthly and Tom playing Polish Cavalry and Train!

So yeah, not a lot of narration here as I was getting more and more drunk as the night went on.

Our shame hides in this bag

And then this happened
And then someone (Steve and... Someone Blurry) started playing SAAAGA (BTW good Saga blog here)

Drunk men, with their conquest in hand.


  1. Hi Throck! It was nice meeting you at the tail end of the Nova Open. I've had never seen FoW up close and personal, and I appreciate the opportunity. Till next year...