Thursday, September 13, 2012

28mm SS from Warlord Games

The new 28mm WW2 Mini's Game from
Osprey Publishing and Warlord Games
So, Bolt Action officially launched Monday (I think) and I finally got my copy of the book yesterday. Needless to say, I'm pretty jazzed and like what I've read so far. It also got me motivated to finish those SS troops I post up earlier in the week.

These figures come from the Warlord Games Waffen-SS box set and will be the veterans in the German army I'm building. Why did I go for Waffen-SS? Because I'm painting Fallschirm's for my mid-war flames army, I have no plans on doing a 15mm SS army and because they get the coolest toys and the best looking camo, in my humble opinion.

Fantastic Movie about the Hurtgen Forrest
After some research I decided to have them be fall based (think post-Market Garden, just around the time of the Hurtgen Forrest) which mean a brown oak leaf camo scheme, although I may do some in green as well in future batches. And honestly, I think they turned out pretty well.

The one thing I'd change from the paint job right now is the pants. I think I'm going to keep them field grey throughout the rest of what I paint. It may not (or may) be strictly accurate, but in terms of breaking up the model, I think it will help.

One of my original complaints about the Warlord Games models, that the faces look cartoony, turns out to be a bit over blown (I'm willing to admit when I'm wrong!). It all comes down to how you paint them, and even the more stoic faces turned out pretty nicely in end.

I've clearly got some more work to do on my eyes, but after being away from the larger scale for awhile I think they've turned out OK. Overall, I'm quite happy with both the quality of the models and my final product.

As always, I'm looking for ways to get better, so let me know what you think!

Here's the pics!

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  1. Those are cool lookin.'
    Nice job on the camo!

  2. Really nice work on the camo. I'm having some trouble on the focus with some of the shots to pick out the details, however the last few shots are great. Perhaps use some different colour choices with the equipment to bring out your camo. So many browns and similar colours to the camo make it all blend in together a little bit. I'm not sure about SS equipment so you have probably picked the right colours, accuracy wise, however see whether you can vary the tones slightly to get that brighter or darker colour in amongst it all. You can see this working well on the soldier with the Panzerfaust as well as the beige brown of the rifles.
    Tbh i'm only commenting on a minor issue to investigate, which you don't have to look into at all because I think that you have done a fine job with these figures. Great work.