Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Baguette Bearing Bastards, EW French Infantry

Tamiya images, always great for inspiration. 
Hey ya Soldats. In pursuit of painting up a full EW French army by ohhh... next weekend I finally decided to tackle the infantry platoon.

It's been a little while since I knocked out a platoon of infantry so it was slow going to start. And the French EW infantry are of mixed quality, so it was a bit of bear.

But I also totally love a well based infantry platoon. It really does add something to the table when you play. For this group I decided to go a bit bigger than I did with the Germans. These dudes are hanging out in a forest. Or, at least, a copse of small trees.

BF had some issues with models, some of the faces are just awful (a recurring theme I'm noticing in the EW stuff) and the legs on some of the models are flat, oddly shaped and pock marked, blerg. But I will always take the chunky style BF dudes over the smaller, more properly proportioned PSC ones because I think they pop better on the table and there's more "space" for me to work with on each dude.

This is also the first infantry platoon that I painted that lacked either camouflage or winter bits. So on that level it was both interesting and a little boring. Probably why I put more effort into highlighting them and putting together the bases.

Well, that was all the exposition I had :) Enjoy the pics:

Awww yeah trees.
Way more after the break!

Command team, sadly I couldn't pick up the boss's jaunty mustache well on my camera, but trust me it's there. 

I think the trees are a great scale for light vegetation now, how to store them... 

Under the harsh light of my daybright bulb and 8mp resolution I see I need to clean up a few spots on the bases. As the Vallejo pumice and paint dry I think they either contract a bit or some of the grit get knocked off. A little paint should fix and then matte varnish should fix the problem. 

As always I'm looking to become a better painter. Let me know what you think!


  1. Very nice! With BF the French Infantry for North Africa is much better. if your looking to add another platoon. Love the work you did on the bases how did you make those little treas?

  2. They look fantastic! And yes, the trees are a nice touch - don't think I've ever seen it done.

  3. Thanks! You are now the second person to tell me that the North Africa infantry is better looking. I'll have to pick up a blister and give it a paint. As for the trees, I found them at a local train hobby store, they come from JTT Scenery Products. They're call "Wire Foliage Branches" and are code JTT95518 if you want to find them online.

    Here's a link I found after a quick google search: http://www.lebhobbies.com/jtt-95518-light-green-wire-foliage-branches-15-to-3-60pk-p-3004.html