Thursday, February 21, 2013

The rest of KG Hummel

Must. Own. This.
So the other day I posted up the pics for the Tiger 1E's from my KG Hummel list. Today you get the rest of them!

I can't remember if I ever posted the list so here it is:

HQ: 2x Tiger 1E

Plat 1: 4x Tiger 1E

Plat 2: 2x Tiger 1E

Plat 3: Full Pio's (CV)

Plat 4: 3x Nebs (FV)

Plat 5:  4x 250/9 Recce (FV)

Plat 6: 2x FlaK38 1x 88 AA Platoon (RT)

It totals out to exactly 1780 points and is a nice round 6 platoons. There are certainly some changes I'd make at this point like dropping at least 1 of the recce vehicles and picking up another Neb. And maybe dropping 1 tiger and something for some 105's or 155's.

But mostly, this is just a show and tell pic dump so... ON WITH THE PIC'S!


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